Best 2 Stage Air Compressor of 2021 – Buying Guide

What is a two-staged air compressor? It is a type that passes the air through two different layers so that the air can be compressed smoothly. People mostly use two-stage air compressors for light-duty works.

Normally a two-staged compressor has a maximum pressure rating that stays under 100 PSI. However, with innovative designs, experienced manufacturers managed to create dual-stage air compressors, which are also suitable for heavy-duty and industrial-duty tasks.

These items are highly stable with long life and the capability to survive any weather. So, let’s introduce you to some of the products that contain these traits-

01. Campbell Hausfeld 2 Stage Air Compressor


Everyone deserves a great air compressor that does not disappoint them while working with it. The Campbell Hausfeld 2 Stage Air Compressor is the product that we are talking about. This is an item that can change your work environment.

Ratings and Size

To provide a huge amount of air to its application, this air compressor has a large tank capacity of 80 gallons. You can use it in many different applications. This air compressor is a 2 staged compressor that makes it better.

It weighs 350 pounds and comes in blue.

Stats and Features

Manufactured by Campbell Hausfeld, the item is portable. Its motor has a double voltage feature. It is suitable for any application with 120 V and 240 V. Providing extra safety, the item has a belt made of metal.

It can be used in almost all types of applications such as inflation, blowing out, cleaning, grinding, bolting, etc.

Wrap Up

Being able to produce an airflow of 11.9 SCFM @ 90 PSI and 11.3 SCFM @ 175 PSI, this product provides a work limit of 5000 hours. It is highly recommended by experts.

02. Quincy QT-54 Splash Lubricating Reciprocating Air Compressor


An air compressor that has some great features and a durable body is favored by all. The same thing happened to the Quincy QT-54 Splash Lubricating Reciprocating Air Compressor. It works smart and makes your work so much convenient.


With a powerful motor that can produce 5 HP of power, this air compressor can make your work so much quicker. It doesn’t matter what application you are using it on, it can be versatile for all of them. It is because of its capability to work with 230 V.

Not to mention, this item can create a pressure of 145 to 175 PSI. This air compressor has a pump RPM of 1310 with a PPM rating of 5. It got a 0.5-inch air outlet.

Stability of the Motor

As for its body of the motor, the manufacturers reinforced it with Baldor, which is made in the US. This makes it suitable to be used in almost all sorts of environments. The motor also has thermal protection.

Final Thought

With a two-stage body and a high airflow limit, this air compressor is the ideal item for being used in your workplace. So, what are you waiting for?

03. Ingersoll Rand 2475N7.5-V Two-Staged Air Compressor

About This Product

Since it is necessary to have an air compressor in your workplace that can tackle several types of applications at once, the Ingersoll Rand 2475N7.5-V  Two Staged Air Compressor is here for you. It provides an easy working time.

Stats and Features

This amazing air compressor has a pretty large tank with an 80 gallon of air capacity. Featuring a motor that works in dual stages, this air compressor can generate an enormous power of 5 and 7.5 HP. You can deliver it with power using an electric cord.

Meanwhile, the compressor can work with a voltage of 230 Volt, suitable for any application. It has a dimension of 26 × 38 × 70 inches with a 525-pound body.


Created with cast iron, which provides ultimate protection against collisions and rust, this air compressor has a long lifespan. With the extremely durable pump, the compressor can last through 15 thousand work hours.

It was coated with a synthetic lubricant that makes it survive all seasons.


Coming up with the unique cylinder design and linking rod that is one piece, the air compressor deserved to be checked out.

04. DeWalt DXCMV5048055 Two Stage Industrial Air Compressor


DeWalt is a highly well-known manufacturer company with a long experience in creating epic air compressors and similar products. Their DeWalt DXCMV5048055 Two-Staged Industrial Air Compressor is one of the products that show their amazingness.

Ratings and Features

This excellent air compressor can create a new experience as you use it to grind, blow, inflate, and perform other tasks. The item comes with a huge tank so that it can provide air to even the heavy-duty applications. Its tank size is 80-gallon.

It runs on electricity with a voltage limit of 230 V. You can use the 17 SCFM airflow at 175 PSI and 17.9 SCFM at 100 PSI on your inflating jobs.


Featuring some exceptional capabilities, this air compressor is two-staged and can create 5 HP of power. 2 quick connectors were added to the item to improve your controlling ability.

One amazing thing about this product is that you can use it perfectly on multiple applications together.

Final thought

To prevent overheating, it also got a thermal shield. You can connect any nozzle of ¾ inches size on the item. You should try it out soon.

05. Campbell Hausfeld Vertical Two-Stage Air Compressor

Initial Thoughts

When working with an air compressor, many of us face several issues, including not having enough pressure or the motor not being powerful enough. The Campbell Hausfeld Vertical Two-Stage Air Compressor was specially made to end these problems.


Black in color, the air compressor can require electricity of between 208 to 230 V, ideal for most cases. The vertical two-stage design provides more versatility. Its motor is powerful enough to generate as much power as 7.5 HP, which is enough for heavy-duty tasks.

Aside from these ratings, the valve plate of the compressor is built with Vitron(r) O-ring, which protects it from high heat and can conceal higher pressure.

Pressure and Tank size

Providing a maximum pressure of 175 PSI, this air compressor can deliver 25 CFM of airflow to its application at 90 PSI. It became possible with the 80-gallon large tank capacity.  It has a longevity of 15 thousand hours.

Final Thought

You require the best features, Campbell Hausfeld brings it for you. The uniquely designed air compressor has all the features to offer comfortable work. Every consumer suggested this product to use in any kind of work environment.

06. California Air Tools CAT-20015HP 2 Stage Air Compressor

Primary View

Some of us want an air compressor that is tiny in size and suitable for light-duty jobs. The California Air Tools CAT-20015HP Two-Stage Air Compressor is the product you are looking for. It works without making much noise and is adaptable to most places.

Ratings and Features

With a medium-sized tank that can hold 20 gallons of air, the air compressor can deliver an air pressure of 175 PSI at max. For performing light-duty tasks, its motor is capable of producing a decent power of 1.5 HP.

The air compressor does not need oil to run and is highly durable. You only need to provide it with electricity to function. It requires up to 110 V, enough for light applications.

Other Benefits

This air compressor delivers 4 CFM at 40 PSI and 3.80 CFM at 90 PSI. It only generates a sound of 70 DBS. The tank is made of steel, making it stable.

Wrap Up

With a pump that features double pistons, the compressor can survive up to 3000 hours. It can tackle all weather conditions. Hence, it is loved by professionals.

Best 2 Stage Air Compressor Picking Guide

You can’t neglect some important points when it comes to buying a two-stage air compressor. While it is true that two-stage air compressors are simpler than single-stage ones, they still have a lot to check out.

A perfect 2-stage air compressor must be holding some prime traits that make it worth the purchase. Features like being durable, lightweight, and having some impressive ratings are the most important factors in this case.

It is also said that a great two-stage air compressor should also be able to tackle heavy-duty tasks while spending low power. For your kind information, here is a detailed list of these points that must not be avoided

PSI and CFM Rating

PSI is the amount of pressure that your air compressor can generate to pass the air out of the machine. Since two-stage air compressors generate lesser PSI, their PSI rating mostly stays under 100. You got to check how much airflow your compressor can give at 90 PSI, which is a standard point.

CFM is the amount of air flowing out of your air compressor to its applications. The more heavy-duty an application is, the more air pressure it requires. You can get an air compressor with a CFM that is enough for its application.

Motor Power

The power of the motor decides the CFM and PSI rating of the air compressor directly. Air compressor’s motor power is measured by horsepower. While the light-duty tasks only need a power of 1 HP, you can still get one with a much powerful motor to work with power-intensive applications.


The measurement unit of motor noise is dB. Decibel is a logarithmic unit, which is why a single unit up means twice as higher noise.  The ideal dB ratings will be between 60 to 80.


If your air compressor can successfully fulfill the demand of the applications it is to use on, you won’t need anything more. As a result, the PSI, CFM, and power of the air compressor should be chosen based on the requirement of the applications.


One with a large tank size can provide air for a longer time. Even though lighter applications don’t need much air, it is still a wise idea to have a big tank capacity, just in case. You can either get one with a tank size of 20-30 or one with 80 gallons to cover a wide range of demand.

2 Stage Air Compressor Vs Single Stage

In the field of working with different air tools, air compressors are a major machine to use. It is the prime machinery that almost every air tool requires in order to function. As a result, for different applications, two types of air compressors were created.

These two types of air compressors are the single-stage and dual-stage air compressors. What is their difference? Well, it is right in their names. Unlike a single-stage compressor, a two-stage one forces the air through two different parts of the machine, making the work more convenient.

But that is not all. Due to the process of dual-layer air passing, a two-stage air compressor needs a motor of less power. You will see that people often use two-stage compressors in light-duty tasks because they are mostly created for that purpose.

Dual-stage air compressors produce a lower amount of power, which is enough for its applications. Meanwhile, single-stage ones are usually seen generating around 5 - 7.5 HP of power.

One thing you should keep in mind that, two-stage air compressors can recover quicker than single-stage, and hence, they can be used for a longer time at once. Although, two-stage air compressors usually have a lower lifespan.

A two-stage air compressor can provide air to multiple light applications at once, something that most single-stage compressors are unable to do. Two-staged ones are much more convenient and mostly comes in a smaller size in comparison.

People mostly use two-stage air compressors in industrial areas and household works. Single-stage ones are normally used in factories and intensive tasks.

Finally, two-stage air compressors can also be seen having some traits that are supposed to be in a single-stage air compressor. For example, you can find a two-stage compressor with a power of 7 HP or a high-pressure rating of 175 PSI.


Is a 2 Stage Air Compressor Worth It?

Definitely, it is. Since a two-stage air compressor provides a good outcome while spending less power, it is highly worth it.

What is the Advantage of a Two-Stage Air Compressor?

A two-stage air compressor is highly beneficial when it comes to working in industrial areas. It takes the air through two panels instead of one, which requires less motor power. They are also easy to use and repair.

Two-stage air compressors also can deliver continuous work. You can use them on more than one tool at once, which is definitely a great trait.

Is a Two-Stage Air Compressor Better Than a Single-Stage?

It kind of depends on what air tools they will be used on. Two-stage air compressors are made for light-duty applications and can provide air to multiple light air tools at once. Meanwhile, single-stage ones can produce much power and tackle heavy-duty intensive tasks.

Two-stage air compressors can recover faster after being used for a long time.

When Would a Two-Stage Air Compressor Be Used?

A two-stage air compressor is suitable for light-duty air tools that require pressure under 100 PSI. They also can repair themselves quickly.


Before even starting your search for an ideal two-stage air compressor, check all the applications you will use it on. Depending on the pressure and power your air tools require, you should pick your air compressor. A heavy-duty air compressor may be able to tackle extreme jobs.

However, if you only have light applications, you will waste your money while buying it. On the other hand, if your tasks are heavy, you should start looking for single-stage air compressors since they are the ideal items in that case.

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