7 Best 80 Gallon Air Compressors for the Money in 2024!

Among all the different air compressors on the market, 80-gallon ones are the highest-grade air compressor. At least they should be. From the head to the feet, an 80-gallon air compressor can't have any weakness.

Especially considering the fact that you need to spend a lot on an 80-gallon compressor, you can't accept a lost-cause. But, do you have a list of air compressors to compare between them? In case you didn't know, that is how experts make their pick.

You can make use of the list below consisting of some of the best 80-gallon air compressors for extreme-demand projects-

Product Reviews

01. Campbell Hausfeld 80-Gallon Vertical Two-Stage Air Compressor

Campbell Hausfeld, the ultimate brand to make any air tool with amazing models, created the first compressor on this list. Named Campbell Hausfeld 80-Gallon Vertical Two-Stage Air Compressor, you can't deny its wondrous traits once you use it.

An 80-gallon air compressor should be highly compact and load a high amount of pressure generating capability inside. This air compressor can go up to 175 PSI air pressure inside the tank. This pressure rating is suitable to fill up the 80-gallon tank.

Your air tools deserve the best air compressor that provides the right amount of airflow towards them. At 90 PSI, this machine can produce 14 CFM. As a result, you can use it on your heavy-duty tasks like spray painting, sandblasting, framing, or plasma cutting.

Get wondered by the monstrous power the motor of this air compressor hold. To provide the smoothest airflow, the motor generates 5 HP. It runs on 230 voltage of electricity at a frequency of 60 Hz. But it can also be compatible with 208 volts.

It draws 22 Amps, which is surprisingly low for the performance it provides. It gets its power via an extended cord. Said by the manufacturers, it is suitable for over 20 types of air tools. It features a 12,000 hours lifespan.

With the belt guard made of metal, the machine works more safely. This should be what you are looking for.

02. DeWalt DXCMV5048055 Two-Stage Industrial Air Compressor

To provide you with something extra that other air compressors fail to do, the DeWalt DXCMV5048055 Two-Stage Industrial Air Compressor is ready to go. It has amazing feats that were tested by the experts. It is definitely worth its cost.

As a good 80-gallon air compressor, you normally will take it for your high-demand tasks. Without the 175 PSI maximum air pressure inside the tank, it wouldn't be possible. Enjoy the maximum performance one can get from an air compressor.

To provide a pretty high airflow suitable for literally any project, no matter what the requirement is, the machine generates 17 CFM at 100 PSI and 17.9 CFM at 90 PSI. It is surprisingly high even among other 80-gallon air compressors.

The air compressor is capable of serving multiple tools at the same time, thanks to being two-stage. You can't find a motor as tough as the motor of this compressor. It successfully delivers 5 HP of power to tackle your job.

It is not only long-lasting but also ultra-quiet too. It operates on 230 voltage only. Having more control is always better. For that reason, this air compressor has a pressure gauge with 2 connectors. Any nozzle with a size of ¾ fits the device.

This vertical air compressor is oil-lubricated. Featuring a thermal overload system for cooler running, this air compressor is suggested for everyone on the field.

03. EMAX Industrial Series ES05V080I1 Air Compressor

It is hard to mention every features and benefit that you will get from the EMAX Industrial Series ES05V080I1 within a tiny review. But we will try anyway. This air compressor has such a simple design that anyone can understand the operating process easily.

Delivering the necessary air that any industrial air tool needs, this air compressor has a perfect design with a body dimension of 42 inches long, 34 inches wide, and 75 inches high. Its vertical body does not require much footing, so it takes less space to stand.

This 80-gallon air compressor contains a 620 pounds body that you can carry with a friend. Meanwhile, it has a strong motor that can provide 5 HP to the machine. As it is a dual-stage air compressor, the ratio between airflow and power is 4:1.

The RPM of the pump is 800, while for the motor, it is 1750 RPM. It can provide 12 Bars of maximum pressure.

Don't like high noise in your workplace? This air compressor operates silently. It is completely reliable as it has a 50,000-work hour lifespan. With the tank, there is a drain valve to filter out oils.

To prevent overheating, there is thermal protection. Additionally, you get a connecting rod, crankshaft, and flywheel, all built with cast iron.

Showing an outstanding performance, professionals were impressed by this air compressor. They recommend you to check it out too.

04. Industrial Air IV5048055 Vertical Industrial Air Compressor

As any industrial project can't run without having the best tools, you also need the best air compressor. The Industrial Air IV5048055 Vertical Industrial Air Compressor is an item you can use as it contains some excellent traits.

It is a matter of the fact that we all want an air compressor that grants high control over the pressure rating. Industrial Air Vertical Air Compressor probably provides the widest options for using it on different options for you.

This is possible due to the 175 PSI maximum pressure. To surprise you even more, the air compressor can accurately sustain 17.9 CFM airflow @ 100 PSI and 17 CFM at max pressure. Even the heaviest tasks don't require much airflow than that.

This is a bulky and big air compressor. So, there is no room for complex mechanisms, making the device more reliable. It can resist any voltage fluctuations with its thermal guard. Its motor can easily sustain 5.2 HP. To operate it, you can use an electric cord to provide 230 volts.

Since it is a two-stage air compressor, that makes the air even more smoothly compressed. The whole body is made of cast iron to prevent any weakness.

It features a magnetic starter as well. It has an RPM of 903. The outlet is ¾ inches in size. Experts loved this product and want everyone to pick it for their jobs.

05. Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon Electric Air Compressor

Making it easier to use any air tool no matter how much power it requires, the Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon Electric Air Compressor serves people from all types of air-related work. It is built with perfection to widen your smile.

Available in red, this air compressor has unit ratings that surprise even the experts. With a pressure of 155 at max, this air compressor fills up the 80-gallon air tank with high speed. But it also got an impressive airflow, thanks to the powerful motor.

Your air tool will get 14 CFM at 90 PSI. The air will flow continuously without any need for charging or refilling. It will run long and recover with swift speed itself. You can use the device on your spray gun, plasma cutter, brad nailer, sawing, or tire inflater.

The air compressor weighs only 354 pounds, which is a lot lower than most other 80-gallon air compressors. Rest assured about the tank's quality as it is constructed with steel that makes no room for any damage.

To increase the longevity of the machine, the pump was created as oil-lube. As a result, it also makes a low sound. In the package, you will get an additional crankcase.

Running on only 240 volts, your energy will be saved. Order this air compressor for a better work experience.

06. Industrial Air ILA4708065 80-Gallon Single-Stage Air Compressor

Meet the machine that is capable of serving multiple machines without any issue. The Industrial Air ILA4708065 80-Gallon Single-Stage Air Compressor is the epitome of perfection. Taking this item at your workplace will quicken the speed of your works.

Do you want to enjoy a convenient result out of your air tool? Then rest assured and pick this air compressor. The 155 PSI max air pressure makes it over the top in terms of quality performance. After all, it has an 80-gallon tank. So, it needs that high air pressure.

Tasks like spray painting or sandblasting need airflow over 10 CFM. Thinking of that, the manufacturers made necessary functions. So now, this air compressor can provide 14 CFM at 90 PSI and 16 CFM at 40. This high airflow can also offer longer tool run and prompter repair.

To make it possible to check the pressure quickly, there is a pressure gauge in the package. The device is usable on multiple smaller air tools too. This single-stage air compressor has an airflow regulator that lets you control the pressure and airflow.

Granting as much protection as possible, there is a metal belt guard around the surface. Its motor is nothing to ignore as it can operate on 240 volts to create 4.7 HP.

Being certified by both CSA and UL says a lot about the quality of this product. Hence, buy this with no worry.

07. Industrial Air IV7538075 Vertical Two-Stage Industrial Air Compressor

The Industrial Air IV7538075 Vertical Two-Stage Industrial Air Compressor is the machine that can potentially top all other 80-gallon air compressors on the market. Just like the previous two Industrial Air products, this one also can show great feat.

It would be too slow to fill the 80-gallon tank if the air compressor did not have a maximum of 175 PSI air pressure. As a result, you can see its high potential of providing epic performance. But the airflow of the machine is more wondrous.

To leave no application out of its compatibility list, the machine passes 22.1 CFM of air at 100 PSI pump and 21.2 CFM at 175 PSI. With this rating, no air-related task will be a burden to you. Just connect everything, and it is ready to go.

This product has a 40.25 inches length, 32.25 inches width, and 80 inches height. Its motor is bulky and strong, making it capable of resisting extreme heat and volt. This motor needs 230 volts of electricity using a cord to operate.

The motor's major feat is that it can deliver 7.5 HP, which is a tremendous amount. Since more power needs better protection to avoid overloading, it has a cast iron body.

With an additional drain valve and an anti-vibration pad, you won't usually find any other air compressor as good as this.

Buying Guide

Purchasing an 80-gallon air compressor for your workplace is a huge task in itself. If you can do it successfully, not only your works will be swifter, but they will be much polished and top-tier. Getting the best 80-gallon air compressor is, however, so time-consuming.

As they are usually the high-end products in the air tool market, everyone wants the best product to make it worth the purchase. But not everyone succeeds. What is worse is that some of the products may be suitable for your cause but not suitable for their cost.

If you know of these points beforehand, your choice can top others-

Pressure and Airflow

Pressure and airflow are the first things that come to people's minds while checking air compressors' qualities. It is even more important in an 80-gallon air compressor. To provide enough air into the 80-gallon tank quickly, it needs a max air pressure of at least 150 PSI.

These air compressors are meant for literally all tasks. So, they also need high CFM ratings to do the job. Your 80-gallon air compressor must have a CFM of over 10 at 90 PSI.

Oil-Free or Oil-Lube

There are two types of air compressors on the market, oil-free and oil-lubricated. It is just how they are made. Oil-free air compressors are made of low friction components to reduce damage in that way. They are cheaper and takes no lubricating cost.

Oil-lube ones are better in terms of performance. Oil is used to decrease friction. So, they need oil to be lubricated. They are much stable and quiet.

Motor Power

To generate a high airflow, the motor must be powerful. It has to make at least a power of 4 HP. A good motor must start in cold weather. To run for a long time, it cannot be overheated. For that reason, there can be any thermal-resistance guard.

Power Source

An air compressor can be powered by gas or electric cords. A gas-powered air compressor is eco-friendly and is suitable for marine applications. Electric-powered air compressors take less money on fuel. For corded electricity, check its voltage and amp draw as well.

Noise Level

You may expect high noise from a big and bulky air compressor. But to your surprise, there are 80-gallon air compressors with low dB ratings, like most products in the reviews above. Just look for an air compressor that has below 80 dB of sound rating.


Buying an 80-gallon air compressor is a big purchase. So, you got to be properly prepared for it. Just like mentioned before, you should make a list of products and compare one with another. Your prime concerns should be PSI, CFM, and HP.

During your search, you must be prepared to buy some additional accessories too. Some important items like pressure gauge, regulators, and air hose are a must while using an air compressor.

They mostly come with the compressor itself. If not, look for those separately.

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