Best Air Compressor Accessory Kit of 2021

Working with an air compressor, any task related to air tools becomes so easier and faster. They come in different ratings and benefits to serve different purposes. But did you know that you can make these jobs even faster using some additional instruments?

We are talking about air compressor accessory kits, where you get a variety of tools, all for making your works even more convenient. Some of them also can come along with the air compressor.

Since there are lots of brands on the market, have a glance at the best air compressor accessory kits below. They contain all the necessary items for air compressors.

01. Hromee NPT Air Compressor Accessory Kit

About This Product

Including all the necessary kits for your air compressor applications, the Hromee NPT Air Compressor Accessory Kit is a complete set of equipment. It comes with a toolset of 20 different pieces of instruments.

Clean-Up and Hose Repair

In the clean-up tools, you get a blowgun created with zinc alloy and two tips, where one is tapered, and the other is rubber. Use the blowgun for having a steady airflow. Meanwhile, to save the air compressor from any damage, the rubber tip can be used.

Then there is the hose barb made of brass with a size of ¼ inches MNPT. The double barb protects the hose from taking any damage in the center. Its highly durable clamps can be shut tightly.

Inflating Tool

To check out the tire pressure, there is a tire chuck with a pencil tire gauge. Capable of checking between 10 to 50 PSI and 40 to 350 kPa, in 1 lb. and 10 kPa.

Wrap Up

With 4 connector plugs, where 2 are male and 2 are female, this accessory kit contains everything for your needs.

02. WYNNsky Air Compressor Kit 


The WYNNsky Air Compressor Kit is another set of instruments that can make your work so much easier. Every piece in this set is durable and of the best quality. There are 20 pieces in the package.

Inflation Kit

To perfectly inflate or deflate your tire or balls, the package has a dual tire chuck that can work for heavy-duty air tools. For better knowledge of the tire’s stats, there is a pencil tire gauge. All the items coming in yellow and silver color, the 4 inflation nozzles are highly stable.

Cleaning Tool and Hose

To clean up any dust or rubble, there is a blowgun, coated with brass finishing. The air tool kit has an NPT output size of ¼ inches. Meanwhile, the hose is 25 feet long to give you a long reach and ¼ inches wide for proper airflow.

The hose can sustain a maximum pressure of 200 PSI. Also, there is an inflation needle for inflating items like balls or pool toys. With the couplers and plugs, you can prevent any leakage and shut everything tightly.

Final Thought

Every piece is created with nylon and steel. It is the package that you should take home.

03. CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor


Do you want an air compressor with all the necessary tools along? Then the CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor is going to surprise you. Aside from being an amazing compressor with a 6-gallon tank, there are 13 pieces of accessory kits.

Compressor Features

The air compressor is pancake-shaped and has a 150 PSI max pressure rating. An ideal rate of airflow, 2.6 CFM at 90 PSI can be generated from this machine. This energy-saving item takes only 120 Volt to run.

The pump is oil-free and made of durable metal that ensures its longevity. Its motor is strong enough that you can start it during the winter season without facing any problem.

Accessory Kits

The compressor has a 25 feet air hose with a width of ¼ inches. This hose is made of PVC. There are also a coupler and a plug to help you secure the setup. Using the tire chuck, inflate up your vehicle tires with ease.

For cleaning purposes, there is a blowgun; plug included. The tire gauge can help you check the pressure.


To grant additional safety, there is a nozzle and an adaptor, just the package you require.

04. Primefit Pri-6044 IK1016S-20 Deluxe Air Compressor Accessory Kit


With a wide variety of accessory kits, all to give you a more efficient outcome, the Primefit Pri-6044 IK1016S-20 Deluxe Air Compressor Accessory Kit is a great item for you. The items are stable enough to last so long.

Inflator Tool

The blowgun this package comes along with has a durable steel body. Featuring two colors, for inflating purposes, there are 4 inflation nozzles and 2 inflating needles so that you can use your air compressor on sports tools. Weighing only 1.9 pounds in total, your inflation job will go like a breeze.

Cleaning Tools and Air Hose

To give you the long reach you will need, its recoil air hose is 25 feet in length. To prevent any leakage and shut everything properly, there are 2 quick couplers with proper brass finishing. You can use the pieces to clean up any dust or rubble.

There are also 5 plugs to connect to the application fast.

Wrap Up

Manufactured by a world-class market-leading company, this set of air tool pieces speaks of their qualities through their usages. Also, with responsive customer service, you should go for this item.

05. FYPower 22 Pieces Air Compressor Accessory Kit

Initial Thought

Lastly, we have a set of air compressor accessory kit that comes with 22 different pieces. The FYPower 22 Pieces Air Compressor Accessory Kit is like a package full of items capable of turning your inflating and cleaning jobs much swifter.

Inflation Tools

To inflate or deflate your tires or sports tools, this accessory kit has a blowgun made of the highest quality materials. The connector can rotate up to a 360-degree angle. There are also plugs and couplers for additional safety.

Using the inflation needles, you can inflate balls.

Air Hose and Pressure Gauge

Featuring a 25 feet long hose for extra reach, this kit lets you do your tasks without moving your air compressor. The air hose is ¼ inches in width. You can get a maximum pressure of 120 PSI, with the MNPT and FNPT couplers of ¼ inches.

The pressure gauge has a dial readout and an additional handle to check out the pressure at any moment.

Final Thought

Since all the plugs, couplers, connectors, and fittings are made of brass and steel, they last long. Try it out today to experience its epicness.

Buying Guide for The Best Air Compressor Accessories

An accessory kit for air compressors can contain more than 20 pieces of items. But overall, they serve some particular purposes related to air compressor tasks. These tasks include inflating tires, deflating them, cleaning rubbles, or blowing water out of pipelines.

Let’s look at the factors you should check while buying a set-

Inflation Tools

The kit should include all the necessary pieces to help you out in your tire inflation tasks. Items like inflation quick connectors, plugs, heavy-duty couplers are all the best items you need. Also, an inflation needle can let you inflate balls or pool toys.

Air Hose

You will require a hose for most of the air-related tools. It is better to get it in an accessory kit instead of buying it separately. It should be longer than 22 feet and ¼ inches wide for better reach and steady airflow.

Cleaning Tools

For cleaning tasks, a blowgun is a prime item. Make sure that the package includes one. It should be durable enough and capable of sustaining a high pressure.

Pressure Gauge

A pressure gauge will let you check the stat of the pressure. There are dialed type and digital type. Both are good in different ways. See if it lets you check the pressure in bar, PSI, and kPa.


The pieces have to be tough enough to last longer. For better durability, stainless steel is a good material. Brass finishing gives a bonus to the surfaces. The air hose can be created from Nylon or PVC.

How to Use Air Compressor Accessories

Air compressors can use the help of their accessories to perform all their tasks in an even smoother manner. While these accessories can be for different causes, you should know the usage of them all.

Here is how you can use your air compressor tools-

Prepare the application that your air compressor will work on. For inflation, attach the air hose with the compressor using the fitting. Use the plugs and couplers to fit everything tightly. Attach it to the application. Turn on the application and check the pressure with the DRO.

Use the Pressure gauge to check out the pressure. Connect it to the tire or ball using the plug. For spray painting or similar tasks, connect the nozzle properly following the manual.

The blowgun is easy to install, by simply connecting it with the compressor. Press the handle or switch to create the airflow. Also, use the inflation needle to widen the hole in the ball you want to inflate.


Keep in mind that different air compressors have different designs to set-up all the accessories with them. Hence, the best way to completely install them all is to either read the manual or by contacting the manufacturers for a detailed guide.

Even though the tools mostly come in a case or bag, it is easy to lose a piece or two since some of them are so tiny. So, store them carefully after usage.

While getting the package, check it properly to make sure everything is included.

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