Best Air Compressor for Auto Body Work of 2021

Painting car surfaces with a sprayer requires a top-notch air compressor that can give you an outcome that pleases your eyes. Since auto body works take a long time and patient to complete, the air compressor needs to be active for a long time too.

Meanwhile, to create a smooth painting, the color particles must spread evenly. This is possible when they are broken down perfectly. To break them, high airflow is needed. So, the higher the airflow your paint sprayer gets, the more efficient the outcome will be.

These are the best air compressors for auto body work listed below have the exact traits needed for auto body works. Let’s explore them-

01. Powermate Vx PLA4708065 - Auto Body Air Compressor


Featuring a big and bulky body, the Powermate Vx PLA4708065 Electric Air Compressor is suitable for heavy-duty works, whether in your factory or house. Using this air compressor, you will experience the design that gained vast praise.

Pressure and Airflow

You probably know that heavy-duty tasks require more pressure and airflow. Hence, this item has a pressure of 155 PSI at max. To give an application a high burst of air, the machine outflows a 14 CFM at 90 PSI.

This also allows for longer work and faster repairing. You can use this compressor on most types of air tools, including paint sprayers, plasma cutters, or blowguns. Its tank is huge that can contain a maximum of 80 gallons of air.

Other Stats

Bulky air compressors offer high power motors. Such as this air compressor, as it produces 4.7 HP at only 240 Volt electricity. Doing that, it only draws 15 Amp. The tank is built with steel for perfection, and the pump is oil-lubricated.

Final Thought

The cylindrical-shaped main body is cast iron made. Weighing 354 pounds, this is a compressor you should take for convenient work.

02. NorthStar Portable Gas Powered Air Compressor

About This Product

Now we have another air compressor that can generate a tremendous flow of air. The NorthStar Portable Gas Powered Air Compressor is designed simply, but its stats are much better compared to many other air compressors for auto body work.

Stats of Units

This powerful air compressor has a 30-gallon tank that can fill within a short time with the help of the maximum 175 PSI pressure. As mentioned above, it produces 24.4 CFM of airflow at 90 PSI, which is rare to find in an air compressor.

It makes sure that the paint inside the spray breaks down properly. Its pump only has an RPM of 1300.

Other Features

Running on gas, this item has a HONDA GX390 OHV engine equipped that can start-up with low electricity. The pump is constructed with cast iron for longevity. Its valve is also durable. NorthStar added bearings on each side of the crankshaft to grant additional steadiness.

You can even view the stats of the oil using the sight glass.


There are also additional flywheel, piston rings, crank journals, and bearing needle. It’s a complete set to make your auto body work easier.

03. HPDMC ASME Rotary Screw Air Compressor


For auto body works, you need an air compressor that excels at giving its application a faster airflow while producing a high pressure inside. The HPDMC ASME Rotary Screw Air Compressor matches those stats perfectly. It is designed without any flaw.

About the Units

As it has a maximum air capacity of 80 gallons inside the tank, it needed that high pressure of 125 PSI that it produces. At that pressure, the compressor can provide 39 CFM to its application, talk about faster and smoother work! It was made possible with the 10 HP of power that its motor generates.

Meanwhile, to perform all this, the motor only requires 3600 RPM. You need to provide it with the electricity of 208 to 230 voltage.

Other Features

The compressor comes with an air dryer to trap down any liquid or oil inside. It works being so quiet. It takes a low space to operate, so you won’t even need to worry about storing. With a spin-on type filter, the machine needs so less repairing.

Wrap Up

With responsive local customer service, the air compressor has already pleased everyone. Give it a try.

04. SS5 Single Stage Air Compressor

Initial Thought

The SS5 Single Stage Air Compressor is a classically styled compressor that is easy to install and use with your air tools like a spray gun or blowgun. This air compressor has some high stats that will leave you in awe.

Unit Stats

You can use this air compressor daily and for a long time. Its stats include a maximum of 135 PSI, which is enough for auto body works. It takes only some minutes to fill the tank that holds 60 gallons. To do that, the air compressor requires 230 volts of AC.

For a convenient paint job, there will be 18.1 CFM at 90 PSI, so your spray will be so smooth.

Other Stats

Since your spray paint needs the best air compressor to function, this air compressor proves its worth by having a motor that produces 5 HP. The motor can stay active for a continuous long period. It can last for 5000 hours of work time.

You can adjust the pressure easily. It is possible to check the oil state with the gauge.


Built with cast iron backed by overheating protection, this air compressor is the one worth your purchase.

05. Industrial Air ILA1883054 Belt Driven Air Compressor

About This Product

Finally, we have an air compressor that is smaller in comparison to other ones but delivers better output. The Industrial Air ILA1883054 Belt Driven Air Compressor is like a complete solution to your auto body working projects.

Pressure and Airflow

You can’t find an air compressor equal to the high stats this one provides easily. Its 155 PSI of max pressure fills the tank in no time. To break down the paint of the sprayer, the airflow is 5.7 CFM at 90 PSI. Its tank has a capacity of 30 gallons.

Motor Stats

Powered by electricity, the motor can give a 1.9 HP of power using the 120 voltage AC, which saves energy. It can also sustain 240 voltage operations. The dual cylindrical design makes it much stable. They are made of cast iron.

There are two steady wheels so that you can move it around. Its pump is oil-lubricated, so it makes fewer noises. With a size of 12 inches, the flywheel is cast iron made too.

Final Thought

Experts recommended this air compressor for people with all types of air tools.

Buying Guide for The Best Air Compressor for Auto Body

No matter whatever compressed-air-related projects we have at our hand when buying an air compressor for them, we want the best one. This is understandable since the air compressor is a costly item, and you don’t want to spend money on a lost cause.

For auto body operations, you can analyze these points to buy the best air compressor for auto body works

Pressure and Airflow

The pressure of the air tank is an important factor that affects the time it takes to fill it. Your compressor should have at least 100 PSI of pressure.

Auto body works need a high airflow to have a proper outcome. As mentioned in the intro, your air compressor should have a high airflow that exceeds 4 CFM at 90 PSI.


For auto body works, the size of the compressor tank can be within 10 to 20 gallons. A too-small tank will need to be refilled quickly. Meanwhile, the bigger ones are usually too heavy to move. But if it does have a large tank, make sure that it is mobile enough.


You can’t use a sprayer gun without enough airflow. The airflow is provided based on the power of the motor. The ratio between power and airflow is 1:1 for single-stage and 1:4 for dual-stage.

Therefore, you must look for dual-stage air compressors when it comes to auto body project.


Most air compressors make loud noises when active. This is a disturbing matter. To prevent that, you shouldn’t get an air compressor with much HP than you need. Alternatively, get an air compressor with additional components that decrease the sound.

Oil-Lubricated or Oil-Free

Oil-lubricated air compressor pumps tend to take fewer damages and can make less noise. However, for auto body works, oil-free ones are the best choice. Because otherwise, there are high chances that the oil may ruin the paints.


Paint spraying is not a light task. While you will need to have so much power to apply to the sprayer, you will also have to work with steadiness. This is why your prime concern should be convenience.

The standards can be low, but if it lets you work comfortably, then it’s the right item. It does not matter whether you are doing it as a hobby or hiring an automotive special, you can’t neglect the factors of an air compressor mentioned above.

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