Best Air Compressor for Blowing Out Sprinklers in 2021

When it is about keeping the irrigation process of a lawn consistent for a longer time, one need to winterize it with the right system. It is called winterizing because, by this process, you prepare your sprinkler for the winter season.

Using an air compressor to blow out the sprinkler is a common method most people follow to get this job done. However, air compressors made for different applications function differently, while each application requires certain qualities.

Below, you can find compressors that are made with suitable functions for sprinklers. Also, they are the best among many other products that are created for the same purpose.

01. Stealth Ultra - Compressor for Sprinkler Blowout


We start with one an air compressor famous among the consumers because of its noiseless operations and amazing ratings. The Stealth Ultra Quiet Air Compressor can effectively meet your need for blowing out sprinklers.

Stealth and Powerful

With a strong body and function, the air compressor can produce a high power of 1.8 horsepower using its induction motor. Meanwhile, the experts found out that it is 80% quieter than average induction motors.

With its tough and quick technology, it can be recharged within only 70 seconds. As a result, it can deliver the work quicker than you may have expected. While working, it only emits a sound of 68 decibels, which doesn't even require any pads to suppress.


It has a maximum pressure rating of 150 PSI. At 40 PSI, it produces an airflow of 6 CFM, and at 90PSI, it is 5 CFM. It holds a working hour of over 1000h.

Final Thought

Created from heavy-duty metal alloys, this air compressor can easily do your tasks. It is highly recommended for everyone.

02. DEWALT - Compressor to Blow out Sprinklers


Coming with an epic design and tinier size yet powerful, the DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor has impressive ratings and states along with its durable body and long-lasting working ability. It was manufactured by DEWALT, which is a famous brand.


Featuring a smart design, this air compressor has a pressure rating of up to 165 PSI. It is better than most other air compressors you can find today. It can create an airstream of 2.6 SCFM per 90 PSI pressure applied and a 3.6 SCFM flow at 40 PSI pumping.


The air compressor has the capability of being operated during even the coldest of weather without any issue. IT supports any extended port of over 14 gauge. Meanwhile, this item has a large tank capacity of 6 gallons.

DEWALT added a regulator to generate high airflow. There are also couplers. All these can successfully increase the capability of the compressor.


This air compressor is quiet enough to produce a sound of only 75.5 decibels. It can supply 120V power at 60Hz.

Wrap UP

As you can see, this air compressor can potentially end your search for ideal air tools. So, consider this item.

03. BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor for Sprinkler Blowout


Another one of the pancake air compressors, the BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor, is known for its amazing portability and energy ratings. Using this item, you will be wondered by its excellent productivity and operating power.


Since you need to have a high pressure to blow the sprinkler, the air compressor comes with a maximum pressure rating of 150 PSI, where it can generate an airflow of 2.6 SCFM at every 90 PSI pressure. It is an ideal pressure rating for sprinklers and other similar applications.

Efficiency and Durability

Unlike many other air compressors, this item can successfully run in cold weather using its effective induction motor. It accepts a cord of at least 14 gauge and 50 ft. length. Winterize your sprinkler easily with this product.

Meanwhile, this air compressor was created with high-grade metal to have improved durability. It is completely oil-free.

Sound and performance

With a noise of only 78.5 dBA, your work will be so silent. There are couplers and a regulator that manages a high flow rate. The maximum tank limit is 6 gallons.


With that being said, you should consider this item to add to your inventory of the best machinery.

04. WEN 2298  - Air Compressor for Winterizing Sprinkler System


Featuring all the epic qualities, the WEN 2298 Vertical Air Compressor is made available on the market to provide its consumers with something extra. Designed with a vertical pattern and a durable body with some nice ratings, it has peak facilities.


Since an air compressor needs to go through many harsh weather and environments, this product was made with steel foils thoroughly armed with proper finishing to tackle a high amount of pressure.

Ratings and States

With the tough body, this air compressor can hold any pressure ratings up to a high amount of 150 PSI. It has an airflow rate of 4 CFM at 90 PSI, and 5 CFM at every 40 PSI pressure applied. Additionally, it has a coupler with an input NPT of ¼ inches, which ensures a proper flow.

Other Facilities

The manufacturers added two pressure gauges to the compressor. It has a large tank of 10-gallon capacity. To deliver good mobility, it has handles with rubber grip and two wheels, each with a width of 7 inches.

Final Thought

This product successfully does what it promises. Hence, it was loved and recommended by all the buyers.

05. 2340L5-V Two-Stage Compressor


Manufactured by Ingersoll Rand, the 2340L5-V Two-Stage Compressor's main objective is to make your works quicker by providing better airflow and pressure while being very easy to use. It has excellent legs to place on any even surface.

Stability and Efficiency

The air compressor was constructed with iron casting in the advanced lab to grant it the maximum durability possible to avoid any accidental leaks. With a long lifespan, the compressor can run for more than 15 thousand hours efficiently. So, you can stay without any worry.

Pressure Ratings and States

This air compressor features a double-staged compressor with an amazing power rating of 5 horsepower. While running, the item can take pressures of up to 175 PSI, which is so high. It also contains a receiver tank with 60 ASME.


With the durable body parts, the compressor can start-up during any season of the year. Synthetic lubricants were applied to it to improve its capability. It has a simple yet smart function with its crankshaft and rod linkage.

Wrap Up

With a continuous operation and smooth airflow, this product deserves a try by you.

Best Compressor for Sprinkler Blowout -
 Buying Guide

As you browse online for air compressors for your sprinkler lines, you will find an array of options available for you. Since air compressors for different applications require different features, you should carefully choose your compressor to check if it will be able to tackle your jobs.

By checking, you will have to measure the size of its tank, ratings of pressure and airflow, and other functions of the machine. Here are the ideal states for a sprinkler-blowing air compressor-

Tank Size

The size of the tank is an important factor that you must check before making your purchase. Normally, when we blow our sprinkler with an air compressor, we need a large enough tank to hold as much air as necessary for the lines to have pressure for 2-3 minutes.

A tank that has at least a capacity of 4 gallons can tackle that task.

PSI rating

If you want to blow your sprinkler, your air compressor has to produce a pressure of between 50 to 80 PSI. This is the ideal pressure to force water out of the sprinkler lines.

CFM state

It depends on your work strategy. You can either get an air compressor with over 5 CFM for winterizing sprinkler line by line or at least 20 CFM to blow all the lines together.


You may need to move the air compressor to place it in the right place. If the machine is a bit heavy, it gets hard. One with wheels and comfortable handles can solve this issue.


While it may not be an overly important factor in small air compressors, a steady body with a working hour of at least 1000 hours surely gives you some bonus. Steel or Metal bodies with proper finishing are necessary for a stable machine.

FAQ for The Best Air Compressor for Sprinkler Blowout

What Size Compressor for Blowing out Sprinklers?

There are different terms one can consider when measuring the size of an air compressor. Let's have a look-

Airflow- The CFM of your air compressor is so important to note. The ideal rate will be 20 cubic feet per minute for your sprinklers to be blown smoothly. Wider sprinkler lines may need a bit much CFM rate.

Tank size- The tank size decides how long the compressor can provide air to the sprinklers. The suitable time is 2-3 minutes, which needs a tank size of at least 4 gallons.

How to Blow Out Sprinkler System with Air Compressor?

At first, separate the lines from the water supplies and drain the water out so that most of the water gets out of the lines. Then open the horse bib of the sprinklers. Before using your air compressor, test it well. Make sure that it is functioning properly.

Afterward, prepare the hose so that it doesn't have any cracks or dust. Attach it to the bib. Turn on the compressor. As it is about to blow the sprinkler, open the compressor valve. Do the blowing zone by zone.

How Much PSI to Blow Out Sprinklers?

To blow any excess water out of the sprinkler system, the suitable pressure kind of depends on the width of the lines. Normally, sprinkler lines are built around ½ inches wide. In this case, your air compressor needs to have a PSI of between 50 to 80.

How Much Pressure to Blow Out Sprinkler System?

When blowing your sprinkler system with an air compressor, it needs to have a pressure rating that can create enough airflow for the lines to have all their water drained out. The required pressure for that is between 50 – 80 PSI.

How Many CFM for Sprinkler Blowout?

The wider the lines are, the more air needs to flow through them. Fact is, much pressure can create more airflow. If you blow your sprinkler zone by zone, you can do the task with an airflow of only five cubic feet per minute. Doing all the lines at once will need one with 20 CFM.


Hopefully, now you know the inside and outs of how an ideal air compressor needs to be. One thing you should remember is, many compressors come online with videos of them being used. They provide a more trustful impression as you can see their capability.

If you are new to all this and can't yet grasp the processes, you can contact your manufacturer for clear instructions and tips. Do not try something risky with the machine without enough knowledge. We hope you can successfully winterize your sprinkler system.

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