Best Air Compressor for DIY

DIY is fun and can give one a sense of pride as they try their skill for various light-duty jobs. Whether you want to test your hand at carpentering, apply some spray paints on your car, or work with a two-nailer, you need the best tools for it.

While you probably can perform many of these jobs without an air compressor, adding one to your inventory will improve the stats of your work.

However, purchasing the right air compressor for your DIY task can be troublesome with all the available options. Hence, we collected a list of the best air compressors for DIY for you.

01. CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor


If we are talking about an air compressor that can deliver a constant performance rate for just the right amount of time, then the CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor should be your go-to choice. It is such an amazing product that can change the game.

Ratings and Features

For DIY purposes, you will require an air compressor that is lighter and takes less capacity. This particular item was designed with a pancake shape to offer you the maximum transportation feature. It does not need oil, saving you a great amount of money.

The compressor can create up to 150 PSI pressure, suitable for most DIY applications. It can deliver its applications with a flow of 2.6 CFM air at 90 PSI. This enables quick work and faster repair.

Body and Size

Craftsman did an amazing job creating a stable body for this air compressor, which makes it able to start in all weathers.

The package comes with 13 additional pieces of tools. They include an air hose, blow gun, rubber tip, etc.

Wrap Up

With a voltage limitation of 120 V, the compressor is energy saving. Everyone should use this item at their home.

02. PORTER-CABLE Compressor


When it comes to DIY projects, pancake-shaped air compressors are the top choices by experienced people. The PORTER-CABLE Compressor comes in that shape with all the different features along. Its traits are so wondrous.

Features and Ratings

With a powerful motor that makes it possible to generate a high pressure of 150 PSI, the air compressor can perform your task so quickly. The red color gives it an eye-catching look. It has a tiny size that grants easy store capability.

Its application can get 2.6 CFM of airflow at 90 PSI, which is impressive. PORTER-CABLE thought about possible leakage, so they added an air coupler to seal the air inside.

Other Stats

The motor of this air compressor takes a low amount of amp that can run with a voltage of 120 Volt. Suitable for extreme heat and cold weather, the compressor is oil-free, saving the maintenance cost. Its tank can hold 6 gallons of air.

It can also stand properly with the help of its rubber feet. The tank has drain valves to filter out the water.

Final Thought

Coming up with all the necessary equipment, this air compressor is the item you should look for.

03. California CAT-1P1060S Portable Air Compressor for Do It Yourself


California Air Tools is the brand that creates air compressors for all short of applications. Their California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S Portable Air Compressor was designed for light-duty tasks such as DIY and carpentering.


With an attractive silver-colored body, the air compressor has a maximum power rating of 0.6 HP. With this power, the item can successfully provide 1.20 CFM @ 90 PSI. While working with this compressor, you will be amazed by how light it is.

It only weighs 29.5 lbs. For additional mobility, there is a well-made handle with a comfortable rubber grip. The feet of the machine are also covered with rubber.


This air compressor has a 1-gallon tank that stays parallel to the ground for easy transport. As it is made of steel, it can successfully prevent rust and weathered conditions. One more good thing about this air compressor is that it is super silent with a noise of 56 dB.

Also, the pump is oil-free. It has over 3000 hours of lifespan.


After being used by professionals throughout the US, the air compressor gained so much popularity. You should check it out as well.

04. Quincy QT-54 Splash Lubricating Reciprocating Air Compressor

About This Product

Introducing another top-quality air compressor that is manufactured by a market-leading brand Quincy. The Quincy QT-54 Splash Lubricating Reciprocating Air Compressor has multiple functions and the capability of faster start-up no matter the season.


With a single-phase air passing system, this air compressor is made for both light and heavy-duty tasks. For all types of applications, it has a tank of 60 gallons. Its vertical design takes less space to store. The parts are all near your hand so, you won’t need to bend a lot.

Meanwhile, this item can create air pressure anywhere between 145 to 175 PSI, giving you a wide range of options. It allows even lower than 5 PPM of oil, preventing internal damages. The RPM of the pump is 1,310.


Crafted in the US, this air compressor has a stable motor with a 5 HP power production ability. There is a capacitor added to it for resisting overheat.

Wrap Up

With an airflow of 15.4 CFM at 90 PSI, this air compressor impressed all and it will do the same for you too.

05. Makita MAC2400 Big Bore Air Compressor

Primary View

With a smart design and small yet compact body, the Makita MAC2400 Big Bore Air Compressor is made different. Having some unique features of its own, the compressor can stay at the top of the list of the best air compressors.

Ratings and Features

For two nailers, carpentering, and DIY jobs, this air compressor comes ideal with its 4.2-gallon tank capacity. Generating a pressure of 130 PSI, which is great for light-duty DIY guy or gal, it can give off 4.8 CFM at 40 PSI and 4.2 CFM at 90 PSI.

Forget loud noises in your workplace as it only has a sound level of 79 decibels, thanks to the 1730 RPM pump.

Other Stats

This air compressor has a pretty tough motor with a 2.5 HP power generator. The motor is designed with 4 poles shape that is created with cast iron for granted protection. Its coupler has a size of ¼ inches. It is suitable for even the coldest of temp.

Weighing only 77 lbs., it features a drain valve to filter water and DRO.


With a cylinder-shaped body, this compressor can recover fast. Hence, it is recommended for all.

Buying Guide for Best DIY Air Compressors

It is no doubt that we all stay so excited while searching for an air compressor to use on various household projects. If you manage to get a great one, you will feel like your jobs have gotten a lot easier than before.

Well, before that, you need to find yourself that great product. Air compressors have lots of stats and features to look at. Add that with the different requirements for different applications.

DIY is a light-duty job and hence requires a low amount of pressure and airflow. Here is how you can distinguish a top-notch air compressor from a bad one-


You may already understand this, but for DIY tasks, or basically for most light-duty tasks, one needs to move their tools pretty often. This is true for even the air compressor too. As you go on with your DIY guy or gal, a light and small air compressor can provide better flexibility.

A DIY air compressor should be portable and have features to grant it mobility. These features include wheels, a handle with a soft grip, and steady legs.


Related to the last point, the size of the air compressor also affects your work experience. For your light-projects, you should get one with a smaller size that takes less space to set-up.

As for the tank size, it should be at least 1 gallon. However, it mostly depends on the application.

Body Shape

There are various designed air compressors on the market, such as vertical, horizontal, and pancake. Which one you should get depends on your choice.

Vertical ones don’t require you to bend a lot, horizontal ones are usually easy to move, and the pancake ones are normally smaller.

Pressure and Airflow

Two of the major things to check in an air compressor are its pressure production capability and how much airflow it can generate at certain pressures. For DIY, it should have at least a maximum pressure of 100 PSI, where at 90 PSI, it needs to sustain an airflow of at least 1.2 CFM.


One of the obvious factors everyone looks at when buying machinery is the material of it. Materials such as cast iron or aluminum are ideal for air compressors since they resist rust and vibrations.


Your air compressor must have a powerful motor capable of producing the right amount of airflow. Avoid air compressor with power less than 0.5 HP.


You should know that you can still perform many light-duty tasks with heavy-duty air compressors. It's just, they take a lot of space, are heavier, and costs a bit much.

If you want an air compressor that can give you a wide range of task options, then going for a heavy-duty one will be the right choice. However, if your projects stay within lighter tasks, we advise you to choose a product from the list above.

Hopefully, you can find your desired air compressor for your fun DIY plans.

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