Best Air Compressor Regulator of 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Do you work with air compressors? If so, you probably know the importance of having proper control over the stats, such as pressure and airflow. The part that lets you do that is the regulator.

An air regulator can’t be perfect without being firm and letting you lock a certain pressure. Meanwhile, if you can’t rotate it easily, that might be an issue. Keeping all those in mind, some experienced manufacturers released some great products on the market.

These regulators always come with a pressure gauge and have a push-locking mechanism. We present some of them to you so you can compare and pick one.

01. Primefit R1401G Mini Air Regulator


To set the pressure level of your air compressor, the Primefit R1401G Mini Air Regulator is a top-notch product. It features a tiny yet pretty durable body. Along with the pressure gauge that it contains, it’s an item to look for.

Stats of Units

By successfully providing the exact result people want, this air regulator has been serving many throughout the state. It has the capability to set the pressure anywhere between 1 to 145 PSI quickly.

With this regulator, you can lock the pressure easily by pushing the button down. As it is so stable and convenient, the pressure will be continuous. The item can sustain a max input pressure of 200 PSI and a maximum of 165 PSI output pressure.

Other Features

About the pressure gauge, it is so clear and easy to view. It shows both the pressure and the airflow with a dial. For perfect protection, the gauge is reinforced with steel. As a result, it can stay okay for a long work time.

Final Thought

By perfectly locking the air pressure at your desired point, you can have easy air compressor usages. Experts recommend this item highly for everyone.

02. Preciva Air Compressor Pressure Regulator

Initial Thought

You should take the air regulator that suits the pressure range of your air compressor. It should also be long-lasting. The Preciva Air Compressor Pressure Regulator is an item that matches all those criteria. You will surely love this regulator.

Stats of Units

With this amazing regulator, you can accurately set the pressure of your compressor from 0 to 175 PSI. This gives you a wide range of options. It is ideal for other types of air tools too. Its max pressure is 12 BAR.

To function properly, the regulator needs 240 voltage electricity flowing through the compressor. It only drains an Amp of 15. As a result, your electricity will be saved by a good amount.

Other Features

To make it more convenient, the regulator has valves at 4 sides. The clear readout is dialed and easy to interpret. You can use the barometer to adjust the pressure with ease. The valve knob is easy to rotate yet durable to last.

Side A, B, and D have an NPT of ¼ inches, while side C is 1/8 inches.

Wrap Up

With a compact body, this is the item you should purchase.

03. Hromee Air Compressor Filter Regulator Combo

Primary Thought

Hromee is a masterpiece brand when it comes to air compressor related tools. Their Hromee Air Compressor Filter Regulator Combo will allow you to adjust the proper air pressure on your air compressor. It is designed with perfection.

Stats of Units

This is not just a regular regulator, but it comes with some additional important pieces as well. For your comfortable control, the item allows a high pressure of between 0 to 150 PSI. To connect it to any NPT, it needs to be ¼ inches in size.

The item can sustain an airflow of 550 L per minute. As your air compressor can get pretty heated, the regulator filter combo can tackle 5 to 60 degree C.


Its filter part is a complete solution against any liquid or dust inside the air tank. Constructed with brass, its transparent surface lets anyone see the inside to check the liquid. The drain it has is manual.

Meanwhile, there is also a pressure gauge that shows accurate pressure ratings through its fine display.

Wrap Up

This whole product is reinforced to survive corrosion and rust. It’s the item suitable for all your jobs.

04. Tailonz Pneumatic Air Filter Pressure Regulator Combo Piggyback


Having both an air filter and a regulator in a single package saves a good amount of money. The Tailonz Pneumatic Air Filter Pressure Regulator Combo Piggyback offers that. This amazing product is packed with epic features.

Pressure Regulator

To deliver you the best performance, this regulator features a max allowable pressure of 145 PSI/ 10.3 BAR. While working, the item can take up so much heat 40 to 140-degree F.

Suitable for even the heaviest duty projects, the regulator can tackle an airflow of 500 L/minute. The input size of it is ¼ NPT, which is standard. It is possible to lock a pressure level by pushing down the regulator.

Air Filter and Pressure Gauge

To trap the water and oil from the air, the filter is included. It quickly does its job. Created with fiber, the body doesn’t rust. The drain of the filter is manual.

Meanwhile, the pressure gauge is so easy to read. You also get a Teflon tape and a metal bracket.


The regulator is made of aluminum. Get this regulator filter combo as soon as possible.

05. NANPU Compressed Air Filter Regulator Combo

About This Product

Now, we have another excellent item that was created flawlessly. For your total convenience, the NANPU Compressed Air Filter Regulator Combo allows some high rate of pressure. As a result, you will get complete control over your air compressor pressure and airflow.

Pressure Regulator

Tackling any pressure rating ranging from 0 to 145 PSI, this air compressor can bring you the best work experience. For tackling overheated conditions, it has thermal resistance within 40 to 140-degree F.

Both the size of its input and output NPT are ¼ inches. The standard element of this item is 5 microns. It is advised to lock down the pressure after you reach your required pressure by pressing it.

Air Filter and Pressure Gauge

The pressure gauge this air regulator contains has a 150 PSI. It is attached firmly and shows the stats accurately. For trapping any water, oil, or dust, the filter system is set beneath the system with a stable body. Its manual drain needs to be emptied before every long work.

Final Thought

If you manage to install the tiny regulator properly, there will be no leakage. This item deserves to go into your inventory.

Buying Guide for Air compressor Regulator

Finding a top-grade regulator for your air compressor will not be easy. It is truer if you want an air regulator with some special features such as an additional pressure gauge.

For your information, many regulators that look promising at the beginning may end up disappointing you later. This tiny sized part of an air compressor usually comes along the compressor itself.

But if it doesn’t, or if you need a replacement, then the regulator must match the compressor. For that reason, it is a wise choice to get a regulator that goes with almost all air compressors. Here is how you can find something like that-

The Size of the NPT Inlet and Outlet

The NPT size makes it suitable for certain air compressors. If the inlet and outlet of an air regulator don’t match your air compressor, then you can’t use that regulator on that compressor. ¼ is a standard size for most regular NPT.

This is the size most air compressors accept too. But some air compressors can have a different size need. So, check your air compressor before buying the regulator.


Your regulator must be durable enough to survive the heat that your air compressor emits. Otherwise, it can easily get damaged. For most tasks, a regulator should have a temp resistance level from 40 to 140-degree F.

Aluminum built regulators are so durable and don’t rust. Brass and cast iron are also two great choices of materials.

Pressure Level

The main reason you are buying the regulator is to set the pressure level of your air compressor. So, your regulator must cover at least up to the max pressure that the compressor sustains. If the regulator can’t tackle that much pressure, then it’s dangerous for it.

Most regulators have a max pressure limit of 175 PSI, which is a safe point. But check the max pressure of your air compressor anyway before making the purchase.

Pressure Gauge

Most regulators have a pressure gauge with them. It is to check the pressure level. In most cases, you get a dialed display. What you need to make sure is that the reading it shows is accurate. If not, then that is a major issue.

Additional Accessory

Many regulators may come with an air filter. This is a bonus trait. If your desired regulator has one, check its stats thoroughly. Keep in mind that they might cost much than regular ones.


One thing you must remember that no matter how good of a regulator you may find if it can’t match the conditions of the air compressor, it’s a lost cause. Meanwhile, the stats of your air compressor also have to meet the requirements of its applications.

So, never buy a regulator before an air compressor. A regulator, if installed tightly, will not allow much leakage. But to completely prevent any leakage, try getting a regulator with an additional sealant or buy one separately.

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