Best Air Compressors for Impact Wrenches in 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

Maybe you have bought an impact wrench but not been able to run it because you don’t know which air compressor to buy. Right? No problem. Not only does this happen with you. Most of the potential users face this problem. To remove all your doubts and confusions, It has come up with a list of best air compressors for impact wrenches based on 15 hours of research.

This is because, based on diversified applications, manufacturers design air compressors with a wide variety of sizes, models, and distinct features. Not are all meant for the same usage. Each has a specific purpose with distinguished specs. These all make you confused about choosing the right air compressor for the particular pneumatic tool.

 Each of the top-rated air compressors will make your air wrench work fine with optimum efficiency.

5 Best Air Compressors for Impact Wrenches

01. Air Compressor 3.0 Hp 

No doubt that Makita is one of the leading brands in the world with an excellent reputation for industrial quality power tools, especially air compressors built with a high capacity big bore pump. But this is not solely reason that I put it in the first position. There are some special reasons that compelled me to place this model at the top of the best air compressor list.

First of all, Makita successfully designed this air compressor with big bore engineered pump cylinder and piston for higher output. It doesn’t matter how tough the job condition is, the cast iron construction and roll cage let the compressor get ready to take on harsh Jobsite.

Besides, with a 5.2-gallon tank, it builds up to 140 PSI operating pressure and delivers 6.5 CFM at 90 PSI to run your impact wrench smoothly. You can operate two nailers with this powerful pump as well.

This model has an oil-lubricated pump to run cooler and copper pinned discharge tubing to dissipate heat more efficiently and reduce the water in the tank. Unlike many of its competitors, the MAC5200 is equipped with a large automotive style filter to maximize intake efficiency.

Moreover, it has no issue with transportation thanks to the rugged wheels and folding handle it includes for easy job site portability. 

What I Like

  • Engineered with big bore cylinder and piston for faster recovery
  • Cast iron cylinder for durability
  • Rugged wheels and folding handle for easy transportation
  • Suitable for industrial use

What I Don't Like

  • Comparatively expensive

02. Porter Cable PXCMF220VW 20 Gallon Portable Air Compressor

The next one is from Porter Cable. This unit is particularly suitable for continuous tool operation. The 20-gallon large tank sustains an incredible 150 PSI pressure to operate a wide variety of pneumatic tools, including impact wrench, nailer, stapler, small paint sprayer, and inflator

Porter Cable PXCMF220VW features an oilless induction motor to provide you a lifetime service. You can depend on high quality 1.5 running horsepower powerful motor strengthening with extended life motor windings.

Despite the fact that the pump has high power, its low voltage start-up allows the motor to consume less current. The heavy-duty motor runs without belts and pulleys. Thanks to switch on/off system applied, it’s easy to control the pressure.

However, the manufacturer designed the unit with a fully enclosed shroud covering all the working parts inside to protect from dust. You are allowed to set it up in your dirty home garage.
While 7-inch solid rubber wheels keep the compressor mobile, the rubber feet help stabilize at the same place. All that this model includes are regulators, gauges, and quick connectors.

What I Like

  • Oil-free pump requires no maintenance
  • Low voltage start-up to reduce current draw
  • Includes 7-inch solid rubber wheels for easy transportation
  • Fully enclosed shroud to protect working components

What I Don't Like

  • Somewhat louder

03. Eagle EA-5000  Air Compressor Review

As the name implies, this unit is the quietest professional grade compressor available in its class. If your main concern is noise, you have no option other than Eagle EA-5000. It’s so quiet that you may not even hear it operating.

When you have Eagle EA-5000 in operation, you don’t need to instruct your project members by yelling anymore. Eagle’s silent series allow clear communication in the Jobsite.

What makes the pump distinguished from other models available is slow RPM motor. Since the engine runs slowly, this reduces noise, heat, and friction. Consequently, the pump lasts longer.

You may think a slow RMP motor cannot provide sufficient output. But the compressor generates ample gas with its dual intake system that sucks twice the air at the same time.

The tank has a 5-gallon capacity and is designed with a side stack style to compact the overall size. Eagle engineered this unit with the double piston to produce a massive airflow of 5 CFM, allowing you to run your impact wrench smoothly.

When moving the compressor one Jobsite to another, you can rely on the eight-inch flat-free tires which even works on the rough terrain. The folding handle makes the portability and storage further easy.

What I Like

  • The ultra-quiet operation for a calm environment
  • Dual intake system for twice air
  • Oil-free function with double piston
  • Low amp draw for highest life expectancy

What I Don't Like

  • Not suitable for high power tools

04. NorthStar  Electric 20 Gallon Air Compressor

When you are afraid of your compressor breaking down while in heavy operation, NorthStar helps you win your fear, Northstar engineered this compressor with superior technology to withstand heavy duty.

Built with a durable cast iron V-twin pump with head, the pump can dissipate the heats and works without interruption, thus maximizing life expectancy. The compressor features a belt drive oil lubed pump and bearings placed on both ends of the crankshaft, resulting in dependable operation years for years.

Moving on to the power, the 20-gallon tank is ASME certified that can be used in commercial shops, and has enough capacity to retain a massive amount of pressure to operate an air ratchet, impact wrench, and other powerful air tools. With 5 CFM at 90 PSI, the compressor can also be used to run sandblaster, nailer, airbrush, spray gun, and more.

Not only is this unit up to the mark when considering durability and power, but in terms of transportation as well. The vertical tank design, smooth-rolling ball bearing wheels and never- flat tire, folding handle, all this makes it easy to transport the pump site to site.

Additionally, although this piece comes wired for 115V operation with a 6 ft cord and plug, it can be rewired for 230V by an expert mechanic.

What I Like

  • Cast iron construction for optimum durability
  • Belt drive oil lubed pump for quiet operation
  • Dual crankshaft ball bearings for added durability
  • No-flat tires for easy portability

What I Don't Like

  • None

05. Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon Electric Air Compressor

I must recommend Powermate Vx PLA4708065 if you are not on a tight budget. And, of course,this is going to be the best investment you have ever made on power tools. Let me tell you why.
You are free to use this compressor for almost any air tools, thanks to its ability to build up high pressure and airflow. The 155 PSI pressure provides optimum tool performance, and the high flow of 14 CFM at 90 PSI keeps your air tools running for a longer time.

Considering the heat as the great enemy for any kind of air compressor, the Powermate constructed the machine with three cylinders featuring an aluminum head and valve plate. This helps achieve the coolest operation and faster heat dissipation.

Whether you are a DIY project owner or a professional contractor, the 80-gallon capacity tank fulfills your needs. You can easily control the pressure with an on/off switch. And the built-in pressure gauge lets you know how much pressure going to your air tools.

Although heavy-duty dual voltage induction motor runs on only 15amp current, can deliver 4.7 horsepower! The whole unit is enclosed with a metal belt guard for protecting moving elements.
Anything else? Yes. You will get synthetic air compressor oil as a bonus. Though it’s a small gift, it’s worth to obtain the optimal performance.

What I Like

  • The heavy-duty dual voltage induction motor runs on only 15Amp current
  • Built-in tank pressure gauge and on/off switch for easy pressure control
  • Cast iron three-cylinder oil-lubricated pump lasts longer
  • Best suitable for professional and industrial use

What I Don't Like

  • Relatively pricy

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What size air compressor is needed for impact wrench?

Impact wrenches are powerful tools designed for industrial use. They are used to loosen nuts and bolts, among other things. The air compressor required for each impact wrench differs, and the size mainly depends on the power generated by the tool. mainly 4-5 CFM is best @90 psi.

Can you run an impact wrench with a pancake compressor?

You can but you probably won’t get that much torque from the compressor. In our years of experience, we have found that a specific model runs at 2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI. However, the product details for your tool state the average air “consumption is CFM 4.2 @ 90 PSI .”

How much torque should an impact wrench have?

An impact wrench is a tool that is used in various situations such as construction for loosening or tightening nuts and bolts that are harder to remove. An impact wrench to remove lug nuts  needs about 500 ft-lbs of torque. But if you put on too much pressure and got the lug nuts overly tightened, then you may actually need more torque than 500 ft-lbs in order to loosen them.

Bottom Line

Heavy-duty pneumatic tools like impact wrench demand high CFM, PSI, and big tank to run smoothly. Considering all these factors, I have narrowed a hundred of choices down to just five best options. Definitely, this list of top-rated air compressors will make your purchase worth and happy. All that you need is to carefully read this guide to know which one suits you best. And then buy that one accordingly.

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