Best Air Compressors for RV Winterizing – Buying Guide (2024)

Recreational vehicles are a way to have some fun time with your family and friends. You can even live inside one with perfect set-ups. Since it is a beloved thing of yours, you can’t neglect anything while taking care of it. Best air compressors for RV winterizing is something that will leave no liquid inside the pipes.

Winter comes suddenly with the leaves starting to fall. You should winterize the rig lines to prepare them for the season. Using an air compressor, it is possible to blow away the left-over waters inside the plumbing. But for that, you need a peak-quality air compressor. Here is a shortlist of some portable air compressors.

4 Best Air Compressors for RV Winterizing in 2021

01. VIAIR 45043 Automatic Function Portable Compressor

Making your important winterizing task go like a breeze, the VIAIR 45043 Automatic Function Portable Compressor is the item one should look for. Aside from being portable and easy to install, this air compressor has so much adaptability.

This air compressor is suitable for both on and off-road vehicles. For tire inflation, the tires have to be 33 to 42 inches, while the battery has to be 12 Volt. Improve the traction of your vehicles using it. For winterizing your RV, it is ideal with its automatic shut-off feature.

Your RV can get a 150 PSI of interior air pressure and have a continuous air delivery rate. This air compressor can generate a flow of air of 1.8 CFM at 100 PSI. This airflow is good for removing air from the pipes. It takes an amp of 23.

There is an inflation gun designed with gas-station-style. It is removable. It makes inflating tires even easier. The power cord it comes with is 8 inches long. It is portable with an additional bag. With a pressure gauge of 200 PSI, this air compressor is what you are looking for.

02. PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor

With a pancake shape, the PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor has an epic working capability no matter the season. It can start up pretty quickly and end the trouble of moving around a heavy machine. Winterize your air compressor with ease.

Thinking about many kinds of applications, the manufacturers added a pretty strong and decent sized tank that can hold 6 gallons of air. It is oil-free, saving the maintenance and recovery cost. Providing a 150 PSI of maximum pressure, this item can easily sustain 2.6 CFM at 90 PSI.

It recovers itself very fast. Suitable for any weather condition, this air compressor only takes a 120 Volt on AC. You can connect it to the power source with the long-extended cord.

The tank of this air compressor has a drain valve that saves you the hassle of buying an extra air dryer. Underneath the machine, there are feet with rubber creating a steady set-up.

Powered by electricity, POWER-CABLE Air Compressor got some impressive reviews and ratings from the consumers. With a portable body, this is the tool you should definitely go for.

03. BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor

Here we have another convenient air compressor with quick inflation and winterizing capability. The BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor can change the phase of the work with its high-pressure limit. Thanks to the pancake shape, you can easily lift it to transport.

Even though winterizing doesn’t need more than 120 PSI, this item has 150 PSI maximum air pressure for different applications. With the 6-gallon tank it has, it features a fast recovery and takes reduced effort for maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance, the air compressor is oil-free, further decreasing the hassle of having oil inside your machine. Provide your RV with a 2.6 SCFM airflow at 90 PSI, an ideal amount. Aside from being light, it is quiet as well, with a noise level of 78.5 dBA.

Its powerful motor gets its power from an electrical cord that is extended. It is an all-season motor, capable of starting in even freezing temps. There is a coupler to prevent any leakage and a regulator to control the flow.

Have the best air compressor for RV on the market in your inventory. This air compressor has pleased many experts. They want you to try it out.

04. Kensun Digital Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor

The Kensun Digital Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor is so lightweight, small, shaped in a way that it doesn’t even look like an air compressor. But it is and a great one at that. Your RV winterizing process will go smoother than you expect using this item.

This air compressor can provide a rapid and constant working rate with a strong yet energy-efficient motor. Taking only an electric voltage of 12 V in cars and 110 V at home, it can save a good amount of power.

There is a cigarette light plug too. Suitable for most applications, the compressor can be used for inflating your jeep, truck tires, motorcycle, balls, or sports instruments.

To have better control, the item has an LCD that allows you to set among PSI, Bar, or KPA. For darker corners, you can use the LED light too. The metal motor can generate 120 W of power. Make your tasks as quickly as possible.

The nozzle is easy to attach, and there are also additional nozzle attachments. Passing various tests, this is the item that can end your search for a top-grade air compressor.

Buying Guide for The Top Air Compressors for RV Winterizing

Your RV needs the best care to stay good throughout your lifetime. There are many steps you need to take to keep your RV in the top-shape. One of them is to winterize it using an air compressor. Air compressors have many different categories, and each comes with different ratings, features, and sizes.

As a result, it is easy to get confused about which air compressor you should take for the winterizing process. If you know the details of a good air compressor for your cause, you can purchase it with no difficulty.

Below are the details that you require to buy the air compressor that can let you store your RV without any worry-


Different applications may need different rates of pressure and air. An air compressor’s pressure is measured by PSI to indicate the pounds of air flowing per square inch. Actually, tires and pipes have a set up maximum pressure with them.

Get one with a pressure rating of between 70 to 150 PSI.


Meanwhile, Airflow is the rate of air that flows to the application. Faster airflow means faster work, so a bigger air compressor with a long hose can be better if you want to do your task quickly. However, smaller compressors make it easy to carry.

The ideal airflow for an air compressor is over 2 CFM.


The size of your air compressor makes a huge difference of your inflating and winterizing processes. While a bigger sized air compressor may have better airflow and pressure ratings, smaller ones are easy to use and move.

Also, tiny sized compressors take a little space to store. Since, you may need to move your compressor from one side of the RV to another, you should look for a smaller sized one.

Long Cord and Hose

Related to the previous point, if you do want to have a big-sized air compressor, make sure that it has a long power cord and air hose. This factor will allow you to have enough reach even by not moving the compressor anywhere.

Noise Level

If you have any experience with an air compressor, you should know that they make noises; loud noises! It is so that it can even anger your neighbors. Fortunately, you can find air compressors that make a low amount of noise or no sound at all.

Any compressor with a noise level under 70 dB is perfect.


what are precaution before winterize my air compressor?

Before starting any work on the air compressor, you need to make sure that it is in a dry and safe place. If the area is a moist one, there is a risk that condensation may form in the air compressor. Moisture can lead to breakdown of internal components and rusting of the machine, which can damage the air compressor permanently.

Do I need to winterize my air compressor?

Winterizing your air compressor is crucial because the extreme cold of winter will adversely affect its performance. Cold weather causes many problems in air compressors, including: Freezing damage: Temperatures may cause problem if it is below freezing temperature, the water may turn to ice inside your air compressor and it can get tucked into small opens.

How do I winterize my RV compressor?

Winterizing your RV during the winter is really a simple process. You don't have to be a professional to do this. First, drain the water out of the lines and tanks. Then, drain all of the oil from the engine and the air conditioners. After that, go ahead and replace any filters you have, and then replace the oil in the engine. Finally, fill in the system with antifreeze, and turn on the house, and also the engine, so that it all runs through the lines and filters.


Preparing your RV for the winter is so important that neglecting it may result in damaging the pipelines. Well, aside from blowing the water out, you can also fill the lines with any good quality RV antifreeze available on the market.

However, experts suggest doing both where the winterizing process comes first. Before winterizing, make sure to open all the caps and remove any hard obstacles to let a smooth airflow. We wish, your RV stays okay for a long time.

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