Best Anti Vibration Pads for Air Compressor in 2024 – Top 5 Compressor Rubber Feet

Is your air compressor making a bit too much noise? Setting up best anti vibration pads for air compressor that can efficiently reduce the sound is what you need in this situation.

What is epic about these pads is that, when installed between your machinery and a surface, they not only make it quieter but also repels sock waves. How do they function? - you may be wondering.

Well, they work like protective layers that absorb all the vibrations emitted from the engine easily. With that being said, let's introduce to you some of the best anti vibration pads for your air compressor in recent times.

Best Anti Vibration Pads for Air Compressor Reviews

01. Diversitech MP4-E E

Diversitech MP4-E E

With a large surface and durable body, the Diversitech MP4-E E.V.A. Anti-Vibration Pad can efficiently reduce all the sounds from your machinery parts. It is light and easy to install.

This anti-vibration pad can be used on many different machines to lessen the sounds emitted from them. Your fridge, refrigerator, air compressor, air conditioner, washing machine, and even garage machinery will sound quieter while using this product.

Since staying near an engine is a tough thing, these pads are created toughly with the best quality foams to survive high collisions and shock forces while being used during extreme sub-zero temperatures or under the hot sunlight day.

Thinking about how you may need several pads for many different engines, there are four pieces of pads included in the package. A great solution to tackle multiple machines at the same time at a very affordable price.

Based on the qualities this item holds and how it can perform what you require, it is highly recommended for professional and household works.

02. PneumaticPlus 4 Pack vibration pads for air compressor

PneumaticPlus 4 Pack of Anti-Vibration Pads

Since you need a suitable anti-vibrator for your air compressor and maybe many other machines, the PneumaticPlus 4 Pack of Anti-Vibration Pads can tackle all those necessities.

With their epic body size and durability, they can be used on literally any application that makes vibrations, such as washing machines, air compressors, refrigerators, stereo systems, and even treadmills!

Created from advanced rubber and cork, these pads can absorb a high amount of vibrations. As a material, the manufacturer used aluminum 2017 that grants extra steadiness. This is Rubber feet air compressor.

These pads have high durability that lets them be used both indoor and outdoor and survive high heat and cold. They are tear and wear-resistant, will not show any sign of aging, and can repel oils and waters.

They can also survive a high load of 50 PSI, which means that you can put them underneath your bedding to reduce the humming you may hear as you rest your head on the pillow. Also, additional rib heights were given to make it suitable for loads, whether it's high or low.

These pads have received a high amount of positive reviews and ratings from people who used it. That's why you should try it too.

03. UPE group Anti vibration pads for compressor

UPE group Anti Vibration Pads

Created by experienced manufacturers, the UPE group Anti Vibration Pads brings you a new environment in your workplace by reducing the noise as much as possible without any issue. You will absolutely love this item once you try it.

To grant the maximum durable trait, these set of anti-vibration pads were created from rubber that excels at surviving any high collision. It won't get teared because of the perfectly built body, which also saves it from extreme heating or freezing temp.

These pads come in a package that includes 4 set of pads that does the tasks properly where each of them is 6" × 6" × 3/4", which is a big enough size for engines with high weight. It has a max load capacity of 60 PSI.

This set of pads can be used in any place that you want to decrease the vibration or humming sound from it. These pads are ideal for your air compressors, treadmills, and even stereo instruments.

With that being said, you can try this item and find out that it does what it promises.

04. Heavy-Duty air compressor rubber feet

Heavy-Duty Anti-Vibration Isolation Pads

Being extremely stable and resistant to many harsh atmospheres, the Heavy-Duty Anti-Vibration Isolations Pads comes as a set of epic rubber mats that can effectively reduce the sound from your machinery.

Manufactured by the VIBRATION PAD brand, it removes the disturbance you feel in your workplace as you are doing tasks that require concentration.

Many regular anti vibration pads only reduce the noise from normal mechanical waves but fail to do so in case of high mechanical linkages. However, when it comes to this particular product, it can damp the waves' vibrations no matter how large or small the mechanical connection is.

This set of pads is carefully crafted with ribbed rubber, which can survive harsh temps, oils, and other liquids. This rubber is also so good at nullifying a high amount of vibrations.

The four pieces of anti-vibration pad come with a high load capacity of 60 LBS per square inch max, making it possible to load up to 2160 LBS on an entire pad.

As these pads have grand sound suppression ability, getting these items will be the best for you.

05. Empire of Electronics Anti Vibration Pad

Empire of Electronics Anti-Vibration Pads

Unlike many other anti-vibrator pads, the Empire of Electronics Anti-Vibration Pads, which is a highly recommended product by experts, comes with the tank tread grip design.

Created by Eleon, the main benefit of this design is that it can firmly attach the engine or machine to the ground, thus reducing the vibration nigh completely.

The manufacturers added a bubble level, which is an amazing way to stop your valuable machinery types such as washing machines, air compressors, or dryers from moving across the floor. You can easily set the level of the pad using the bubble level.

To keep a proper balance among the level of steadiness, the pads' stability, and the amount of noise concealed by the item, the manufacturers, selected rubber of the highest quality and carefully added them to create the pads.

These four sets of pads are easily installable by just setting them between the engine and the floor. The manufacturers advise using the bubble level to achieve complete protection.

With an excellent noise cancellation performance, these pads are recommended by people who tried them. Check this out and see yourself.

How to Choose Vibration Isolation Pads for Air Compressor

When browsing in the market or online, you will find tons of anti-vibration pads. Lots of them will seem like they are the best to meet your requirements. However, getting the actual right item is so much trickier than it may seem.

So, to save your precious time and effort, have a look at what factors are the most important to check in a good anti vibration mat for air compressors.

Body Materials

Rubber is a good material capable of absorbing a high amount of shock forces as it is so dense and lightweight, which is why you may have found a lot of anti-vibration pads made of rubber in the reviews above.


With spending a little bit of money, you should get a thicker version of rubber pads as they are highly stable and can absorb harsh environments.

Types of Pads

A rubber pad, which is small and square in size, is the type that can be the excellent protection between your air compressor and floors such as wood or sealed ones, but they can't take too much load.

Alternatively, you can also get a circular rubber pad that is capable of loading high weights and stop your machines from walking, or a rubber flooring material, which is the type that stays cleaner than the other ones.


In terms of effectiveness, ones that cover a large area of the floor are the best of them all. Since absorbing as much vibration as possible is what you want, you should get the thick ones that you can easily slip beneath the air compressor.

Load Capacity

How much the anti-vibration mat can load is also a major thing to consider. In this case, those with a maximum load capacity of at least 60 PSI are advised to get.


How do I stop my air compressor from vibrating?

The best way to fix this problem is to realign the machine. Because vibration happens because of misalignment between a machine’s shaft and its housing. Another suggestion is adding vibration pads to the bottom of the air compressor. These are small pads that look like pads for compressor feet.

What is the best anti vibration material?

There are many materials that reduce vibration and noise. Rubber is a very efficient method of reducing both air compressor vibration and noise. When the vibration is reduced, the machine has less stress on the parts and that in turn will extend the life of the parts and the machine.

What is the best rubber for vibration damping?

Silicone rubber material is highly effective in sound and vibration damping task. The material will load on to the surface of the structure and remove any excessive vibration but it will not absorb sound. The smoothness and the stiffness of the rubber material will give high damping effect.


Now that you know which are the prime factors to check in a good anti-vibration pad and went through some reviews on the best of them, you are ready to make your mind.

However, after buying an item, make sure that you use the pads according to the manufacturers' instructions. It will ensure that you get the best outcome while using it.

Know about the pads well before using them beneath your machines lest they should get damaged from carrying more loads than they can.

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