5 Best Onboard Air Compressor in 2024

Onboard air compressors have some different factors from a normal air compressor. For a grand experience, you got to install the best onboard air compressor on your vehicle with great quality and reliability. You require something that will quicken the adjustment process of the tire pressure.

To make it easier to find one, check out the reviews of some of the best onboard air compressors below. These onboard compressors we collected have the perfect sizes to fit any corner of the vehicle.

Moreover, experts have tested them on various vehicles. Each of them showed great feat in the experiment. With great quality and reliability, these onboard air compressors will surely not let you down.

Best Onboard Air Compressor Reviews

01. ARB on Board Air Compressor for Truck

You can forget about not getting enough pressure in your tire when you get the ARB on board truck mounted air compressor kit. The inside of this compressor was built with extreme care without much complexity to make it more reliable.

There are many features contained in this air compressor to make it completely suited for onboard operations. It comes with multiple accessories that include an 18 feet durable air hose and quick fittings. Do not worry about stability as it is perfectly tough.

The device has dust and liquid protection to survive any wet weather. Meanwhile, to reduce the internal damage, the manufacturers used smooth cylinders. An electric air compressor can have the risk of circuit issues. So, there is a maxi-fuse system added to this machine. The 12 V DC motor has thermal protection.

Every different equipment that you get makes it quicker to set-up the air compressor. You can also inflate your basketballs or similar objects with this item. It is tiny in size, so it fits in a small area.

For every off road enthusiast, off road on board air compressor is an ideal product. Take it on your board soon. Suitable for checking racing car tire pressure.

02. Vixen Horns VXO8325 - Air Ride Compressor

Having an onboard compressor on your SUV or 4 X 4 makes it safer to ride off-roads or sandy areas. The Vixen Horns VXO8325 Compressor Onboard System stays on a corner of your vehicle and can successfully provide its service when needed.

Especially for vehicles with large tires like RV, pickup truck or large trucks, you will need air compressors with much pressure. For that reason, this air compressor has a max air pressure capacity of 200 PSI. It makes it possible to tackle all sorts of vehicle inflation tasks.

To cope with that, the machine also has a 2.5 gallon air tank. It fills up in seconds when the compressor is at its max pressure.

Connect this air compressor on your vehicle's DC connection with a voltage of 12 or 24 and get the amazing performance. As the weather is a bit problematic for anything on board, this air compressor has a steel body. Backing that up, there is also a coating of black powder.

Make your tire inflation process swifter than ever using the seven different ports, where each is ¼ NPT. We highly suggest this compressor for you.

03. ARB CKMTA12 ARB505 On Board Twin High Performance Air Compressor

When you get an air compressor that successfully performs both onboard operations with ease while also having the best compact design, you know that it's great. The ARB CKMTA12 ARB505 On Board Twin High-Performance Air Compressor is what we are talking about.

As most of us may want on board air compressor for tire inflation or  onboard air compressor for an SUV or such large vehicles, an air compressor with much airflow is what we require. To fulfill that need, this air compressor has a 6.16 CFM airflow at the max pressure. 

However, even after that large air output, the machine still operates on only 12 V DC.

In the package, the manufacturers will add a full wiring loom. It will help you install the whole thing yourself without the need of an expert. As a reciprocating air compressor, it provides a smooth and continuous flow of air.

Meanwhile, the two pistons to pressure up the air are shielded with roller bearings. The motor of this machine is also thermal-protected. Made with brass, the air compressor features a pressure gauge with a pouch. It is the item you are looking for.

04. VIAIR X'Treme Duty Onboard Air System

If you want to experience the most convenient outcome from an air compressor on your vehicle board, then look at the VIAIR X'Treme Duty vehicle air compressor systems. It has such a tiny body that fits anywhere. The machine comes with lots of equipment.

To give a steady airflow, the air compressor has a 2-gallon tank. It is not just a compressor but a complete air system. In the package, there are actually two air compressors where each has a 150 PSI max pressure. You can set the pressure with the regulator.

These two capable onboard air compressors can inflate up any tires with a max size of 37 inches. With the use of the pressure gauge, you can track the whole process. It is possible to inflate multiple tires using multiple plugs of ¼ inches that it has.

Aside from inflating, you can also use a blowgun with it to clean stuff. Easily take your vehicle anywhere by setting the pressure at the correct point. It is easily installable on any part of the vehicle. This air system is worth spending your money on.

05. Full-Metal FabWorks On board air compressor for air tools

Going straight to the top of the onboard air compressor market, the Full-Metal FabWorks  is a heavy duty onboard air compressor for extreme weather and heat.

As its name suggests, you can go on an adventure when you have this air compressor installed onboard.

Specially made for Polaris RZR XP 1000, this onboard air compressor is completely easy to install. You do not need any additional cutting or wiring to do it. Moreover, the package comes with all the bolts you will need to complete the installation.

Dune riding is fun on deserts and sea beaches. With a lot of sand, you may need to keep the pressure at a certain level. Use this 6-pound onboard air compressor to complete that task. To check the pressure rating during inflation, there is a long-lasting pressure gauge.

Its ultra-protective body parts make it highly reliable. Aluminum formed with CNC made the device lightweight yet heat-resistant. Meanwhile, to survive any moisture, dirt, or other messes, it is coated with black powder.

Install this onboard air compressor on your Polaris RZR XP 1000, and never worry about flat tires.

Buying Guide for Best Onboard Air Compressor

Onboard air compressors are so much different than regular ones. They must have some extra features to make them worth the purchase. To allow your tires to ride through the tough landscapes of your adventure, you will need the best air compressor on board.

Unless you know the proper knowledge about an onboard air compressor, you cannot start the search. Without matching the proper requirements, you are likely to buy a product that doesn't suit your vehicle tire.

Also, there is the matter of unit ratings. Without further ado, let's see the important factors that differentiate a good onboard air compressor from a bad one.

Tank Size

It is with no doubt that you will need a steady flow of air to inflate the tires. However, without a tank that can hold enough air, you cannot perform it properly. Remember that onboard air compressors are mostly small in size.

So, they have smaller tanks. But you definitely will need at least a 1-gallon air tank. Larger tires may require a bigger tank capacity. Check out 20 gallon air compressor guide here.

Compressor Size

The size of the onboard air compressor depends on the area you will be installing it on. For example, if you want to mount it under your vehicle, you can get an air compressor of large size. But for putting it under the hood, it must fit the area.

Well, we suggest getting an onboard air compressor case that you can get separately. With that, you can stop worrying about the size completely.

Installation Process

Like many additional parts for your vehicle, your air compressor also has to be easy to install. Some of them are so hard that they may require you to hire an expert to install them. But that can cost a lot.

Look for an onboard air compressor that comes with the necessary bolts and equipment for the installation process.

Pressure and Airflow

For a large-sized tire, you may need more air pressure and airflow in your air compressor. At least a pressure of 120 PSI is necessary in this regard. Also, the airflow must not be under 2.5 CFM at 90 PSI.

Some air compressors come with a feature that allows them to set different pressure for specific types of vehicles.

Multiple Plugs

Keep in mind that you may need to inflate multiple tires. So, an air compressor that can tackle all of them at the same time will be a great help. For that, get an air compressor with multiple plugs to connect to each of the tires.


Are onboard air compressors worth it?

On-board compressors are generally much more expensive, but are definitely worth it if you're planning on frequent trips out into the wilderness and won't be near a tire refill station. 

Do you need a tank for onboard air compressor?

However, with technical improvements in onboard air compressors, these devices have actually become safer to use. If you got a model that offers pulse type inflation, you don’t need a tank at all. Pulse compression takes out air in short bursts instead of a constant matter.

Do I need an onboard air compressor for off roading?

An onboard air compressor is a convenient device to have, especially when off-roading. For several reasons, air compressor helps in quick inflation of tires, especially in emergency situations. It restores tire pressure after a long drive.


An onboard air compressor is not just for inflating or deflating the tires of your vehicle. It has some other advantages as well. Like some air compressors on this list, they come with the air horn feature that signals other drivers to avoid accidents.

To get the maximum performance, you can get a belt-driven air compressor. Those are so much harder to install.  But if you can spend a bit, you will get around 200 PSI pressure with around 6 CFM airflow. That is highly worth the money.

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