Best Pipe for Air Compressor Lines in 2024

Are you in search of a grand tube to use on your air compressor? It should be said that, when it comes to air pipes, there are many factors to look at, which makes it time-consuming. The Problem is, the moment you might think you have found the best pipe for air compressor lines, you may find another better one.

Also, checking the suitable factors of a tube is tricky, as it depends on your work environment. For example, the length of the pipe should be at least enough to reach from your air compressor to its application.

The products below have some decent states that go with any requirement.

3 Best Pipes for Air Compressor Lines

01. TEKTON 46134 Hybrid Lead-In Air Hose

Flexible enough to be used on any place and supply machinery, the TEKTON 46134 Hybrid Lead-In Air Hose can connect your air compressor with its application pretty easily. It features a durable body with a proper width to ensure an excellent flow.

With amazing bodyweight, the pipe is 10 feet long to cover a long way. Since the pipe is .75 inches wide, it can flow a good flow of air or water. It can hold a super high amount of pressure up to 300 PSI, which makes it possible to use it on any supply lines with a high-pressure rating.

Adaptable to any environment, including harsh cold, the body is non-abrasive. It weighs only a pound. The end is made of brass.

Seeing its quality, experienced people recommended it for everyone.

02. DERPIPE - Plastic Compressed Air Piping

Since your air compressor requires a pipe that not only can take a high amount of pressure but also is durable, the DERPIPE Pneumatic Hose Air Compressor Pipe is brought to the market. This pipe has every necessary good quality.

Making it possible to connect your air compressor to any application, even if they are pretty far enough, this pipe has a length of 32.8 feet. It has a perfect body shape with an outer diameter of 8 mm and an interior diameter of 5 mm.

The tube can work fine in a temp of between 32 to 140-degree F. To be able to work with any air compressor; this pipe can tackle maximum air pressure of 150 PSI.

Giving it the ultimate toughness to resist a high temp, its body is made of thermoplastic polyurethane resin. Try this air tube and experience its amazingness.

03. Beduan Pneumatic Tubing Pipe

Providing a high airflow with a high-pressure limit, the Beduan Pneumatic Tubing Pipe can easily be attached to any air compressor. White in color, this tube is stable enough to resist being weathered.

Invented by experienced manufacturers, this tube has 3/8 inches outer diameter. Suitable for both air and water flow, the pipe is 10 meters long. To work efficiently, it has a pressure of 145 PSI. Besides that, it also can keep a burst pressure of 363 PSI.

This tube was reinforced with thermal resistance materials that made it possible to work between -4 and 176-degree Fahrenheit. It has a stretch limit of 400 kg/cm2.

To grant it resistance to any damages, Beduan made it with PU. It is oil and shock resistance. You can bend it easily because of its flexibility.

Pleasing the mind of every past consumer, this tube can end your search for the best pipe.

Buying Guide for The Best Air Compressor Pipe for Your Compressor

If you want the perfect tube to use with your air compressor, the main necessary factors are all dependent on your machinery and set up.

Other than maybe the body materials, for almost every other factor, you need to check your air compressor first and get a pipe according to its states. Here are the points you should look into while purchasing the best pipe for air compressor lines.

Ideal Size

When you are checking the size of the pipe, measure the distance between your air compressor and its application. The length of the tube should at least be equal to or more than that distance.

For width, .75 inches will be good. Your air pipe should have an interior and outer diameter of around 5mm and 8mm.

Pressure and Airflow

Your pipe should have at least a pressure rating that your compressor has. Just like that, it needs to generate an airflow that matches or exceeds the airflow of your compressor.

Body Material

A pipe may have to go through many tough situations. If your pipe has oil, shock, and high thermal resistance, then it is perfect. Avoid steel pipes as they are not flexible. PU and brass are good materials for pipes.


What Is the Best Pipe to Use for Compressed Air?

The best pipe for an air compressor is that one that goes with the states of the air compressor that you own. Even though most air pipes come with a length of 7 to 10 meters, if your air compressor is further than 10 meters from its application, then the tube will not be enough.

What kind of pipe do you use for compressed air?

Pipes are one of the most common uses for compressed air. Pipes may be made of a variety of materials and have a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common pipe material is copper, but plastic pipes are also common. The pipes may be straight or curved.

Can I use PVC pipe for air compressor lines?

You can use PVC pipe for short distances, but you cannot use it for long distances. PVC pipe is a light weight pipe. Because for short distance air compressor, you need a lighter pipe. For long distance air compressor, you need a heavier pipe like Steel or Iron.

Final Note

As you buy your air pipe, before using it, make sure that it shows the quality that it promised. Measure the size the rate of airflow. If any issue is found, you should contact the manufactures as soon as possible.

Besides, you must have a clear idea of how to use a pipe with an air compressor. If you don’t, ask it from the manufacturer, a friend, or research it online. Even if your pipe is stable, use it with care to ensure its longevity.

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