Best Portable Air Compressor For Truck Tires in 2024

Unlike cars and other vehicle tires, truck tires get frequent puncture because they are meant for heavy loads and long-distance. Besides flat tiring, truck tires quickly lose air due to gravel, mud, and harsh terrain on the road. This is why you need to have a best portable air compressor for truck tires or modern vehicles come equipped with tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

So you have agreed with me and set your mind on buying the best portable truck tire air compressor but don’t know how to purchase the most suitable one. Right? Don’t get worried. This happens even to people with strong technical knowledge.

All that you need to do is to consider some factors that I have broken down into digestible chunks in this article. Furthermore, as a shortcut option reaching your goal, you can choose one from my research-based top list opted from a hundred of models.

5 best portable air compressor for truck tires

01. TIREWELL 12V Tire Inflator - Heavy Duty 12V Air Compressor Review

If you need a heavy-duty  truck tire inflator that works faster but still lightweight, you have no second option other than this one. The Tirewell designed it with double cylinders working at the same time to compress air. As a result, it takes only 2 minutes to inflate a standard tire.

The inflator is too powerful that it delivers 2.12 CFM at 0 PSI !! With a maximum 150 PSI, you can inflate tires of trucks, vans, RVs, SUVs, MPVS, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and more.
Tirewell boasted the pump with a high-quality direct drive motor to drive the sturdy metal cylinders, resulting in low rotating speed and high efficiency.

Considering the reliable construction, you would expect it to be louder. But it runs quieter beyond your expectations. And the same goes here with portability. It weighs only 8.36 pounds.
The high-quality cigarette lighter with built-in 15A fuse and 11.5 ft cord powers the device easily. All you have to do is plug the power cord and connect the screw connector to the tire valve, and the inflator will turn off automatically when reaching the predetermined pressure level. 

What I Like

  • Features four-rod design to reduce vibration and noise
  • Has rubber feet to avoid movement when in operation
  • Kits include 5 M extension hose, battery clump, three adapters, and Oxford bag for carrying
  • Particularly suitable for SUVs and trucks

What I Don't Like

  • Relatively expensive

02. Helteko 12V - Digital Tire Inflator

Secondly, I have come up with a mini size truck tire compressor from Helteko. You may underestimate its tiny size in the first sight. But it proves its worth in solving your problem practically.

Despite the smaller size, it has all advanced features that an ideal tire inflator should have. There is also no issue with storage thanks to the compact design. Now let me tell you about some of its unique features.

To begin with, the inflator is made of durable ABS plastic and stainless steel, making it sturdy to serve you for a long time. Besides, Helteko air compressor featured it with the latest technology to ensure a smooth and simple operation. Do you know what technology is? This is auto shut off. You no longer have to worry about overinflation when inflation going on. The inflator stops by itself when inflated with preset recommended pressure.

Moreover, the portable compressor is equipped with a large high-precision display that allows you to read the pressure in four different values, including PSI, Bar, KPA, and KG/CM2. If you are on an emergency on the road, attract the drivers to ask for help using built-in LED lightening.
What I love most about this model its eye-catchy design. I am sure you cannot leave it behind when starting for a ride. 

What I Like

  • Auto shut off to avoid overinflation
  • LCD digital display for accurate readings
  • LED tightening for emergency
  • Designed for multipurpose uses

What I Don't Like

  • Initially takes time to connect to the valve stem.

03. joyroom CZK3631 - best tire inflator for trucks

Coming in the third position, Joyroom tire inflator for trucks does its duty whatever you need to inflate. You are at freedom to inflate a wide variety of vehicle tires such as trucks, cars, jeeps, motor and bicycle, and other inflatable stuff like ball and mattresses.

The compressor is boasted with a newly upgraded motor to work faster with optimum performance. Driving with the correct pressure, it produces up to 150 PSI to ensure the fuel efficiency of your vehicles.

Moving on to the technical features, the auto shut off technology makes it easy to operate. You don’t need to keep your eyes on the connector while inflating. When the predetermined pressure level is reached, the inflator shuts down automatically, avoiding the risk of overinflation.
The manufacturer designed it with a large bright screen that not only gives you actual pressure value but also allows you to have a clear view from either side of your car and bicycle.

It doesn’t matter how dark the workplace is, the long-lasting flashlight that comes with Joyroom illuminates the tires for easy operation and protects you from potential dangers at night.
While other units come with loose connectors causing air leak, it has a tight connector that locks the firmly onto the valve, making faster inflation.

What I Like

  • Auto shut off for smooth operation
  • The pressure gauge is easy to read
  • Bright LED flashlight for night time use
  • Includes a 10 ft power cord and three inflatable adaptors 

What I Don't Like

  • None

04. Viair 40047 tire inflator - 400p rV compressor reviews

Since 1998, Viair offers quality engineered air compressors. But I have not reviewed this product for the company’s heavy profile but its excellent functions. One of the distinguishing features is its auto gun. While most inflators need to be switched off when checking the tire pressure in the middle of tire filling, this one runs only when the trigger is pulled. This certainly makes the operation easy and saves you time a lot.

No matter how long and heavy your truck is, this distinct model has two long coil hoses, each with 30 ft length. You can reach any tire easily on the vehicle. Whereas it’s hard to get the inner valve stem for other comparable items, it offers a 45-degree chuck and a 90-degree twist on chuck for easy access to the rear wheels.

Since it offers many accessories for inflation needs, you can use it for any vehicle tires. A 12V household outlet should be enough to run this unit. It works with a maximum of 150 PSI pressure. The built-in gauge at the end of the gas station-style hose lets you know up to 160 PSI pressure flow.

Additionally, the company offers a heavy-duty deluxe carry bag with the logo onto it for easy transportation. 

What I Like

  • 60 ft coil air hose enough for any size vehicles
  • Comes with gas station-style inflation gun with 160 PSI gauge
  • Auto shut off function for simple operation
  • Includes a heavy-duty carry bag

What I Don't Like

  • Little bit costlier

05. GSPSCN  double cylinder air compressor

If you are looking for a portable tire inflator that can be used for both industry and home garage, GSPSCN Silver Inflator is the best option available. While its fastest operation makes it suitable for industrial use, lightweight compact design perfects it for home improvement equipment and professionals.

With 150 PSI highest pressure, GSPSCN Silver portable compressor can inflate any standard tire within only 1.5-2 minutes. Double cylinders work simultaneously to compress air and play an essential part in delivering incredible 70L/min air flow.

The manufacturer built the pump using a high-quality direct drive motor to withstand the sturdy metal double cylinders. What makes the air pump stable is its rubber feet. Once you place the machine on the ground, it never moves around while in operation that results in a reduction in noise and vibration.

The small-tire inflator can work up to 20 minutes continuously. Working more than that may cause damage to the fuse in the cigarette lighter because of excessive heat. But the producer offers you extra fuse to solve this problem.

Although the inflator was designed mainly for SUVs and trucks, the extra adapters that come with free kits allow you to inflate tires of the car, motorcycle, bicycle, and many more. The gift accessories also include a carry bag. 

What I Like

  • Faster inflation with only 1.5 mins
  • Rubber for better stability 
  • Double cylinder air compressor for rapid operation
  • Equipped with many useful kits

What I Don't Like

  • More than 20A mins continuous work cause heat generation


What size air compressor Do I need to fill truck tires?

For domestic application, air compressors with a tank size of 2 to 3 gallons are suitable. But for heavy-duty applications where continuous power and pressure are required, we recommend tank sizes of 6 gallons. Large tank sizes not only allow you to inflate tires without needing to refill and you won't have to interrupt your task too often in order to access more compressed air.

Where does the air compressor go on a truck?

The ideal location for mounting an air compressor under your vehicle is on the inside of the frame rail because it is protected from moisture and will stay cool. A little water splashed on the compressor won’t hurt it.

How many CFM is a truck air compressor?

There is a great variation in CFM produced by gas-powered air compressors. Models from service vans tend to start around 10 CFM and may reach as high as 80 CFM. Smaller shops will want to seek a model producing approximately 10cfm to save on price and power, while larger companies will need models capable of delivering 50-80 cfm for more demanding jobs.


No doubt that aforementioned all models are of the best quality because I had to spend hours on shorting out them from a crowded of models. But the difference is in the features. Each has its distinct specs and specialty. I brought froth that specialty for you and explained to you what model suits to what situation.

As you know better what situation you are in, it’s up to you which one to buy. Whichever goes with your needs, determine that. Leave quality and other technical issues on me. Hope you are going to get the best one you had before. 

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