Best Replacement Air Compressor Pump of 2021

If you have any experience at buying machineries such as air compressors, air filters, or air compressor pumps, you know how hard it is with all their factors and details to be checked. However, if you want to replace your old air compressor pump, you have many tasks to do.

First, you got to check the types and specs of your previous pump. Every detail of your new pump must go with those specs.

There are fuel type, pressure, power, filtration process, compression capability, etc., to be looked into. These three products below can be the best replacement air compressor pump for you.

01. Powermate 040-0425RP Single Stage Air Compressor Pump

About This Item

To get the pump that can successfully replace your previous air compressor pump, you can try the Powermate 040-0435RP Universal Replacement Twin Cylinder Pump. This pump can produce a good amount of energy for your compressor.


This air compressor pump comes with two cylinders, increasing the performance. It is a universal replacement pump, which means that it can be used to replace any air compressor pump. The two-layered cylinder is single staged.

Since you need the highest performance, this pump has 1.9 RHP. It can produce an airflow of 7.1 CFM at 40 PSI and 5.7 CFM at 90 PSI.


For fuel elements, this pump runs on lubricant oil. For extra features, this air compressor pump has a ball bearing designed to automatically perform, saving you the extra hassle. You will get additional air filters and a flywheel in the package, which will save you money.


To grant it high stability, the head is made of aluminum foil. As for heat resistance, it has a valve plate.

Wrap Up

This air compressor pump can successfully replace your previous one, so you must definitely consider it.

02. LR023964 Air Suspension Compressor Pump


When looking through different air compressor pumps, you will want the exact pump that matches the previous one's quality. The LR023964 Air suspension Compressor Pump is the perfect replacement for most LR and Range Rover Sport vehicle models.

Ratings and Specs

This Hitachi air compressor pump can provide the required power that your compressor needs to make your vehicle ride faster. To avoid the risks of using a damaged pump, use this one as a replacement.

You can use this air pump on Range Rover Sports from 2006 to 2013, LR3 from 2005 to 2009, and LR4 from 2010 to 2013. It weighs only 8.49 pounds.


To give you an amazing result, its bags are made of rubber that is improved with textile. It is an electric pump and can run safely. It works fast and smooth by just compressing the air and putting it into the bag. Manufacturers added superb elastic particles to it.


Only fitted for Hitachi style, if you get the types of vehicles mentioned above, you should try this air compressor pump. Professionals use this product too.

03. Replacement Air Compressor Pump Campbell Hausfeld


With many utilities, the Campbell Hausfeld Replacement VT4923 Air Compressor Pump can end your search for the best replacement pump. This item has some good stats and a high-pressure range combined with smooth work.


This air compressor pump can produce a power of 3 to 3.7 horsepower. It comes with additional flywheels and filters that save you money. This compressor pump is 1 stage that can effectively produce enough pressure for your air compressor.


It is suitable for all types of air compressor models that are created by the Hausfeld brand. Some of these models are VT6275, VT6271, VT6314, and VX8314. It requires applications with a voltage of 120 Volt or 240 Volt.

To offer a good result, the pump can produce an airflow of 10.3 CFM at 90 PSI.

Housing Material

Hausfeld used cast iron to build the body parts of the pump. The tank is large enough to hold between 13 to 60 gallons of air.

Final Thought

With that being said, you may miss something great if you do not get this item. It is a must-get item to replace your air compressor pump.

Buying Guide for The Best Replacement Air Compressor Pump

Is your air compressor malfunctioning a bit? If so, then it is high time to buy a replacement. While buying the replacement, you will have through a number of types, brands, styles, features, and more.

To complete the entire process of buying it, you must be cautious. Otherwise, there are high chances that you might get an item that isn't good enough for your air compressor. This buying guide is for you so that you can find the right replacement pump for air compressors.

Fitting the Old One

The difference between getting your first air compressor pump and a replacement pump is that you can overlook many factors and get a set of air compressor with its pump together for buying a pump for the first time.

But when buying a replacement, you have to make sure that it completely goes with the old one. The CFM and PSI should match. Its fuel should be the same too. You can get a universal fit compressor pump too.

Pressure and Airflow

When you run an air compressor pump, it runs on lubricant oil or electric battery powers. Since you can't get a replacement pump with a fuel unmatched with the old one, you also can't get one without matching their pressure and airflow ratings.

The pressure is measured by PSI and airflow with CFM.


Your air compressor pump should also generate enough power for the air compressor to run smoothly. In this case, the power rating is mostly measured by HP. You cannot get a replacement pump with a lesser power rating than your old one.

Without getting enough power, your compressor will fail to provide its application with enough compressed air.


You can find both single, and double stage air compressor pumps on the market. It is not that double staged are better. It also depends on the previous pump.

If your previous air compressor pump produced a fierce amount of pressure, you should get a double staged pump. For saving more energy and do the work faster, one-staged pumps are better.


The body of the air compressor pump is an important factor to check. If you have a compressor pump that runs on oil, the iron cast body is so good, as it doesn't get damaged from oils.

Electric pumps normally come with lighter materials. If it has thermal resistance, that's even better.


As you may already understand from above, you must get an air compressor pump with similar stats as the old one. You might be wondering how you will check all those stats. This can be done from the place you are buying it from.

Aside from the product discerptions, you can also check the reviews where the previous consumers described their experience with the product. You can also ask questions about the product. People will answer your questions with proper details.

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