Best Water Separators for Air Compressor in 2024

After installing an air compressor, the topic that one should consider is to increase its longevity. The best water separators for air compressor placing a water filter on your air compressor can successfully reduce the risk of getting damaged by internal debris.

Elements like oil, water, and other messes need a genuinely all-rounder water trap. A good water separator comes with a balanced rating of input and output with an excellent thermal limit. It also should feature a drain that allows a quick and easy release.

By reading the detailed reviews below, you can help yourself in finding the ideal water separator for your air compressor.

10 Best Water Separators for Air Compressors Reviews

01. THB Particulate Filter Water Trap Separator

When you search online for water separators, most of the items you find will be from THB brand, an excellent manufacturer company. The THB Particular Filter Water Trap Separator creates a clean environment inside your air compressor.

This water trap has a metal bowl guard of 5oz, which is also polycarbonate. Meanwhile, to increase the filtration power, the filter is 5u micron. It lets all the debris, oils, and moistures escape from the air compressor.

Bringing in a fantastic system, this filter can take an input pressure of up to 175 PSI and a maximum output pressure of 145 PSI. These are also backed by a flow rate of 106 CHM, which is enough for your needs.

Since you need a perfect drainage system, the semi-automatic drain system can do that for you. It normally holds the moisture and lets you discharge them when added enough pressure. Otherwise, it releases the moisture by itself.

It is one of the best items on the market with the perfect facilities and this list.

02. In LINE Desiccant AIR Dryer - Best Inline Water Filter for Air Compressor

Coming up with a unique design and the best filtration capabilities, the In LINE Desiccant AIR Dryer can really stop your worries of not having a perfect filtration system. With its flow rate and filter limit, it can efficiently do the job.

Providing proper filtration, this water trap contains a flow rate of up to 88 CFM. It has a female input NPT port of 3/8 inches with a similar output NPT port. Moreover, it can increase the longevity of your air compressor with its 5u micron filter limit.

The filter has a visible line on the side that lets you view the level of filtration easily. You can see the level of the polycarbonate bowl. It has a max input pressure of 215 PSI with a max output pressure of 150 PSI. The polycarbonate bowl is 2.07oz.

To gain maximum usability, this water trap can take temperatures of between 41F and 140F. The drain is attached beneath the filter, which is designed with a manual twist system.

As this filtration system features all the mind-blowing designs and units, you should consider getting this one.

03. Le Lematec - Water Separator for Air Compressor

Being durable and consistent in doing what it promises, this epic filter called the Le Lematec Air Compressor Filter has an amazing rating of the filtration process and can effectively take out any debris from your air compressor.

Using this air filter, you can successfully provide your air compressor or other air tools safe from getting damages from moisture and debris. Hence, this water trap was designed to be able to attach to any air system. It can increase the lifespan of your air compressor.

Manufactured by Le Lematec, this filter was created with excellent aluminum foils backed by brass fittings. With a female input NPT of 1/4 inches and a male NPT input of 1/4 inches, it can grant the maximum steadiness. It is ideal for heavy-duty works.

This water separator features a unique drain that has a push-button. This special valve allows the filter to be empty pretty easily. The drain can quickly take out oils and water.

As you can see, this filtration system has an amazing balance between input and output NPT and quick drainage. Experts recommend this product to all.

04. Tailonz Pneumatic Air Filter Pressure Regulator Combo Piggyback

A water separator that comes with not only excellent input and output ratings but also a display that shows the pressure level is what you require. The Tailonz Pneumatic Air Filter Pressure Regulator Combo Piggyback has exactly these advantages and also a smart design.

This water trap features a regulator port with an air inlet size of ¼” NPT and a Port Gauge that is 1/8” NPT in size. With a wide range of pressure limit that stays between 0 to 145 PSI, it can tackle high filtration tasks.

Firstly, this water trap can work within a high temp rate of between 40F and 140F. Created with stable aluminum, this filter has an airflow rate of 500 liters per minute, which is good for any air compressor. It has a transparent cup to see the state of the filtration.

This amazing filter comes with a manual drainage system. You can easily and quickly get rid of the debris by releasing it yourself every morning.

Unlike many other similar products, this one got a lot of positive ratings from the consumers. Hence, you can try this with trust.

05. Campbell Hausfeld Air Filter

Blue in color, the Campbell Hausfeld Air Filter is a complete filtration system for your air tools such as air compressors. It comes with a superb drain system and ratings of the pressure that is suitable for heavy-duty works.

The manufacturers added a bowl to the dryer system for releasing the debris quickly. Its pressure ratings of both input and output NPT is 3/8 inches. This water trap lets no oil, moisture, or other messes stay. It is like how a spray painting works.

This water separator comes with a unique filter for removing oils of all types. It can successfully take out almost all oil elements inside the compressor by trapping them. Have no fears of getting your air tool damaged from annoying oils.

In order to prevent the debris and such particles from going inside the airflow, the manufacturers added proper outlet screens. This ensures maximum protection.

Aside from these features, you can also view the fluid level using the quick-release bowl. Try it out today and experience its wonders by yourself.

06. NANPU DFR-03 Air Drying System

This water separator is a bit different than regular ones. It is not just one but comes with two water traps within the same package to grant maximum filtration. The NANPU DFR-03 Air Drying System is going to please you with its capabilities.

This water trap has piggyback air filtration and an NPT input level of 3/8 inches. It can tackle a high amount of supply pressure with a max limit of 145 PSI. For operating pressure level, the manufactures made sure to keep it between 0 to 145 PSI.

It also has a micron brass filtration system of 5u. Since there is more than one filter, the micron brass is also doubled. It increases the life span and protection of the water separator.

Surviving a high temp is a prime thing to have for a water trap. NANPU DFR-03 Air Drying System has a temp range of 41F to 140F. Meanwhile, this item has an airstream rating of 70 SCFM at every 90 PSI. It also has a semi-auto drain.

All the good things were heard about this double filtration system. Hence, it is a suitable item for household air tools.

07. NANPU Compressed Air Filter Water/Oil Trap Separator

Another one of amazing air filter designed with NANPU’s efficient model, the NANPU Compressed Air Filter Water/Oil Trap Separator can be your go-to as well. It also features a double filtration with quick release.

It comes with a gauge and bracket rating that stays between 0 to 150 PSI. It is much than most other water traps on the market. It comes with a polycarbonate bowl that has an increased guard to improve longevity. Meanwhile, its pressure rating is within 0 – 145 PSI.

It has a female input NPT of 3/8 inches. This filter comes with a perfect combo of regulator and lubricator. This water trap also has a filter brass of 5 microns that is ideal for showing a long-lasting impression on your air compressor.

The manufacturers added a semi-automatic drain system that understands when to release the debris and do it by itself. You get an additional air coupler and plug kit too.

Just like the previous product, this one is also a grand item that pleased all the consumers. It is surely going to widen your smile.

08. NANPU Air Filter Water/Oil Trap Separator 3 in 1 Twin Unit

We have another air filter from the NANPU brand called the NANPU Air Filter Water/Oil Trap Separator 3 in 1 Twin Unit. As the name suggests, it brings the water filtration process to a new level with its twin unit filtration system.

Just like the other NANPU products, this one comes with a perfect combination of Lubricator and Regulator that too with a 150 PSI Gauge state. As a result, it can easily filter out all the oils, water, and debris by trapping them quickly.

NANPU knows what your machine needs. For that reason, it made the air input level to 3/8 inches while also keeping the outlet at the same state. To make it ideal for all types of air tools, the range of the pressure state is from 0 to 145 PSI.

This water separator has a temp range of 41-140-degree F with an airflow of 49 SCFM. It features a semi-auto drain.

It is requested to try this item as it can stop your worries of getting your air compressor damaged by messes.

09. PneumaticPlus SAF3000M-N03B Compressed Air Particulate Filter

Bringing in high durability and mind-blowing functionality, the PneumaticPlus SAF3000M-N03B Compressed Air Particulate Filter was manufactured by a market-leading brand, the PneumaticPlus. It can do its tasks without any issues while being highly efficient.

With a polycarbonate bowl that increases the steadiness of your air compressor, this air filter has a female NPT state of 3/8 inches, which is the ideal amount for any air tool.

If you look at their state chart, which is pressure drop versus airflow, you will notice that as the pressure drops below 0.3 MPa, the rate of airflow of this water trap decreases with it.

You are allowed to choose between options, which are 2, 5, 20, and 40 microns. Meanwhile, the manufacturer used 10 microns as the standard options of elements. On the other hand, you can also pick between poly or metal to be used in the bowl.

Just like before, you also get dual options for the drainage system. Either choose the manual or auto based on your preference.

This water trap brings your air compressor what it requires. So, it is advised to try it.

10. Compressed Air in Line Filter Desiccant Dryer

Lastly, we have a water separator that is stable and functional enough to protect your air compressor by trapping all the moisture and debris off the air tool. It is called the Compressed Air in Line Filter Desiccant Dryer. Finding a product like this is so rare.

Like many other products in this list, this water trap has the capability of filtering NPT 3/8 inches of air moistures that are compressed inside the air tools. As you may need more than one, this item comes with two refills. The desiccant dryer unit dries up the air quickly.

It has a 3/8 inches NPT female rating for both inlet and outlet settings. Meanwhile, the maximum pressure this item can tackle is 150 PSI. This is more than many traditional filters out there.

The air filter features an amazing directional flow rate. Meanwhile, the filter is 3” in width and 8” in height.

With this filter and dryer, you can easily and safely remove all the humidity and debris from the air compressor. As a result, experts always recommend this product to everyone.

Best Air Compressor Water Separator Buying Guide

Air compressors are good machinery that helps us in many ways in house, garage, industry, and many other places. But a helpful item like this deserves the best care.

The major way you can take good care of your air compressor is by installing an air filter that excels at all the necessary inputs and facilities. These features are, however, very complicated and can easily make you confused. So here is a detailed buying guide that can help you make your mind quicker.

Airflow and Thickness

The much the rate of air that flows through the water separator, the better it is in filtering airs. A good air filter should have an airflow of at least 45 SCFM. This is ideal for any air tools you may have that includes an air compressor.

Other than that, the thickness also decides the performance of the filter. One with a thickness between 2 – 5 inches is the one you should pick.


MPR is the microparticles performance rating. This rating indicates how many particles the filter can trap that are tinier than 1 micron. Ideal water traps should have 1500-1900 MPR ratings. Meanwhile, the filter performance rating (FPR) should be as high as possible.

Temperature Range

How much temp the water trap can survive is another important factor. One that has a temperature rating of 40-140-degree F is a good choice. Your air tool can get pretty heated as it runs. So, the more the temp range, the better it is for the filter.


The drainage system is a prime factor to check in your new air filter. For people with different preferences, there are apparently two types of drain systems. The manual drain and the semi-auto system. Both are good in different ways.

The manual drains need to be opened by yourself to release the debris. Meanwhile, a semi-automatic drain can release the messes by itself, which saves you the trouble. Some even come with both systems in one, which is a better feature.

Customer Service

While it is not directly related to the air filter itself, having proper customer service is another factor that highly makes sure to give you a better experience with your product. As said before, the ins and outs of filters are really complex.

Moreover, many of us are completely new at this. Responsive customer service can install the whole thing by themselves, which will save you the trouble.


What does a water separator do?

A water separator is a filter that is used to remove liquid from the air stream of the air compressor. The air is passed through a special device to remove the liquid droplets and the compressed air is provided to the system.

Does My Air Compressor Needs A Water Separator?

In short, yes. Although this will not be absolutely necessary, it is highly recommended. The separator will make sure that none of the water that enters the compressor will enter the air lines. Water is the enemy of most compressors and shortening the lifespan of the air compressors.

Is a fuel filter and water separator the same?

A fuel filter is a water separator, but a water separator is not necessarily a fuel filter. A fuel filter removes particles from the engine that would cause problems to the engine. A water separator, on the other hand, removes water from the fuel supply before it reaches the engine.

How Do I Keep Water Out of My Air Compressor Tank?

If your air compressor gets too humid and full of moisture, it can be problematic. It is not only for itself but also for the places the air will be used. This is the reason why you should install an air dryer with an effective drying rate on the air tool.

Why your air compressor gets water, you may be wondering? In the primary grades, we learned that air contains a small or large amount of water vapors depending on the temperature of the environment. High temp has higher moisture levels.

Now when that air is compressed inside the air compressor, the water turns into liquid and stays inside the compressor. This can be highly dangerous for the machine.

You can remove the excess water by manually releasing it from the air compressor. In this case, you should remember to drain the water regularly. Or, you can purchase an automatic drain that can remove the water by itself.

Alternatively, you can get a water separator for your air compressor. This will not only remove the water but other harmful elements as well, which is a better option to take.

How Does A Water Separator for An Air Compressor Work?

When your air compressor gets full of air, the air inside contains almost millions of debris, water vapor, and oil particles. These tiny particles are more harmful than you may think, both to the compressor and to the applications the air will be used on.

When you install a water separator to the compressor, it uses whether fused principles or centrifugal forces. So, it works in two different ways. Here is a detailed description of how they work.

Centrifugal Water Separator- These filters are called radial water traps. They work by creating a circular motion in the air inside. The air rotates and soon gets outside of the main tank along with all the particles.

Then the particles get trapped in the drain and thus, can be removed manually or with a semi-auto drainage system. These types of water separators need no repairing.

Coalescing Water Separator- With proper airflow, these water traps take the air straight to the outside with longitudinal motion. As a result, the debris and water get inside the drain. They need proper repairing once in a while.

Final Note

One thing you should note that while installing your water separator to your air compressor, you need to do it with the proper rule. Without finely placing the filter, there is a high chance that the filter might not be able to do its job.

This is why it was mentioned in the buying guide to get a healthy customer care service. To get the advantage of your air filter to its fullest, request your manufacturers to do the installation process for you. Give your air compressor what it deserves using the help from the reviews above.

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