Viair 88p Portable Air Compressor – Buying Guide [2024]

Of all tire inflators I have tested and reviewed, the viair 88p compressor is unique and looks like a professional tool. That is why I have decided to write a review only on viair 88p portable air compressor.

In addition to this, it has some special features which distinguish it from its competitive. This article written based on long research will provide unbiased and authentic information about viair 88p portable tire inflator so that you are not disappointed after buying it.

Viair 88p Review - Things To Know Before Buy

Here is why you should choose the viair 88p portable air compressor over hundreds of options

Highlighted Specifications

  • Runs on 12V power source
  • Maximum working pressure 120 PSI
  • Airflow rate 1.47 CFM at 0 PSI


This newly designed small inflator is capable of inflating up to 33-inch tires. It can create max. 120 PSI pressure and takes only 55 seconds on average to air up all four tires.
Moving onto the airflow rate, the inflator delivers 1.47 CFM at 0 PSI, which is far enough for any vehicle’s tire. Surprisingly, anyone who has a car can use this mini compressor because it easily runs on a 12V voltage car socket.


Any inflator weighing less than 5 pounds is portable enough. In this consideration, this unit is easy to carry with for even children. It weighs only 4.75 pounds. The item does not include any tank, meaning that it does not store compressed air. Instead, what it does is inflate the tires directly. This feature makes it handier than most of its equivalents.

Operating system

You don’t need to struggle to operate the inflator. All you need to air up your car tires is simply attach the battery clamps to your car’s battery and start the engine. Then connect the air hose to tire valve stem and turn the unit on. The tire is getting inflated. You are done!
The compressor comes with a pressure gauge mounted on the top of the unit, which allows you to check the pressure.


Buying this product for a little higher price will never let you down. I can assure you that the price is fair enough. Yes, you may get some models for between $30-$40. But I am sure that the quality and power this model provides are far better than those of cheap units.

Necessary Accessories

The manufacturer provides everything you need to set it up and run it smoothly. It includes a LED work light to indicate if the power on or off, easy on/off switch, and ten-foot power cord. It comes with a 16-foot air hose which is long enough to reach all four tires.
Additionally, it also includes three pieces of inflation tip kits to air up items having large air filling ports. The compressor can be used to air up other inflatable items like basketballs and soccer balls with the needle it comes with.

Frequently asked Questions

Who this unit is designed for?

This mini inflator is ideal for small ATVs, trucks, SUVs, sedans wit up to 33-inch diameter tires. If you want to keep your tires lasting longer, increase the mileage, and have a safe journey, viair 88 p portable inflator is your first choice. 

Any downsides?

Yes, the compressor becomes hot while in operation. But this is not a big issue. Just let the inflator be cool for a little time before keeping it in the storage bag. Another downside is the compressor is noisier than those of ultra-quiet models. In my perspective, the noise level is in an acceptable range considering the price.

Final Words

Although the unit has some frustrating points like overheating and loud operation, the unique design, reliable and faster operation, and portability should compel you to buy it.

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