3 Best Air Compressor Filter Dryers in 2024

An air compressor, if used for some days, can get water and oils inside it. It is dangerous for the compressor as the water can potentially cause corrosion. It is also capable of ruining the paint job.

Besides water, dust and debris also layer up on the inside, making the lubricant oil unable to transfer properly. Remember that the application of the air compressor also should receive pure air. For this reason, it is necessary to have the best filter dryer installed.

Check out these three filter dryers below, as they have the best qualities to perform this task.

3 Best Air Compressor Filter Dryers

01. DeVilbiss 130525 QC3 Air Filter and Dryer

If you want the complete separation of moisture, debris, and dust from your air compressor, then you got to check out the DeVilbiss 130525 QC3 Air Filter and Dryer. It can successfully do its job with the help of its excellent power ratings.

This air compressor filter will gain total control of the purifying process of the air. It will do the filtration job with only a pressure drop of 2 PSI. This item features a three-layered filtration method. It has a longer lifespan itself while also increasing the longevity of your compressor.

This air filter can successfully take out any particles, including oil, debris, water, or dust, which prevents it from rusting. It can be used in any work environment. It has a quick filter cartridge that lets it do much bigger filtration processes.

Its filter area is 4 times bigger than normal air filters. This dryer can save the color and coating of your machinery. It has an inlet shut-off valve.

You can easily get your air compressor cleaned with this product. With a lightweight body, it's so convenient. Try this out and see that for yourself.

02. PneumaticPlus SAU3030M-N03G Three Stage Air Drying System

Built by the popular brand PneumaticPlus, the PneumaticPlus SAU3030M-N03G Three Stage Air Drying System comes with many epic features to turn the moisture separation process a lot quicker and more effective. Its qualities are over the top.

Delivering a three-stage air drying utility, this air compressor filter can take down any particles up to 0.3 microns in size. Experts found out that it takes out 99.7% of all messes from the air. Its particulate filter has polyethylene materials that can clean up to 10 microns.

This air filter can take an air pressure of up to 150 PSI. Its maximum input pressure is 250 PSI.

Manufactured in Korea, this filter has a manual drainage system. It contains poly bowls to strengthen the whole system. You don't need any additional instruments to use with it. Moistures that are the reason behind rusting will be wiped out successfully using this filter.

It has an LCD, where you can view the state of the filtration process.

To have the maximum air purifying result, you should try this filter out. It was loved by the consumers too.

03. NANPU Air Dryer System

If you want an air filtration system that can potentially take out any particles up to a tiny size, the NANPU Air dryer System can give you that. Connect the filter and follow the manufacturer's instructions to get an efficient result.

This epic air compressor filter has a quick filtration rate. It can clear up the air to even small-sized particles of 0.5 microns. This water separator got a port size NPT of ¼ inches. Containing a poly bowl along with a metal bracket, the item is top-notch.

Its particulate filter has 5 microns filtration capability. To work with any air compressor, the range of its regulator pressure is between 0 to 145 PSI. It can run on a max input pressure of 145 PSI.

With a temperature rating of between 41 to 140-degree F, it can work in a high heated environment. It produces an airflow of 20 SCFM, which is suitable for all air compressors.

As you can see, this air filter has all the necessary ratings and features for smooth usage. Hence, experts especially recommend this product to everyone.

Best Air Compressor Filter Dryer's Buying Guide

With all the excitement as you are planning to buy an ideal air filter for your air compressor, you should note that there are some certain points to check while doing it. Getting the wrong air compressor dryer is dangerous.

It is because the main role of an air filter is to purify the water, something that ensures the safety of your compressor. Without proper performance, your compressor is not only vulnerable to harmful debris, but also, it can damage the application too.

With that being said, let's look at the necessary factors to look into your air compressor water trap.

Inlet Pressure

To function properly and cope with the air compressor's capability, your air filter should have an inlet pressure that goes with the maximum pressure rating of the compressor. For most cases, the ideal rating will be around 140 PSI or more.

A much pressure rating offers better performance. Its regulator pressure should also be between 0-145 PSI to work with any pressure rating that you want.

Oil Aerosol Removal

If your air filter cannot remove all the oil aerosol inside the compressed air, it is no good. Even more than water, oil is highly problematic to have in your compressor. They damage the interior parts, leaving dirty air to be used.

That is why you got to make sure that your air filter has proper oil filtration capability. Normally, a water trap that has a filtration limit of 10 microns can do the job. The lesser this state is, the better.

Tank Size

A larger tank is especially necessary if we are talking about a large amount of air or an air compressor that gets more dust than average. Small tanks cannot store much dirt, so it is not capable of filtering completely.


You can get two types of drain systems, the manual ones and the automatic ones. Well, manual ones don't have any pros of their own. You just got to take out the dirt yourself.

Meanwhile, an automatic one can save you the hassle by doing the releasing process by itself. That is why automatic drains are much better.


When you think about it, an air filter may need to go through harsh weather and environments. Because of that, you should choose your air dryer that is made of any hard material. It should also have high heat and cold resistance.

Final Note

In case it is your first time getting an air filter, research about how to use it with an air compressor. Keep in mind that without a proper setup, the filter may not show the maximum performance. Also, you can ask your manufacturers for help.

Most items like a water trap come with instruction manuals, so do not neglect reading it thoroughly. If it has manual drainage, be sure to remember to release the dirt routinely. Otherwise, you may end up in frustration.

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