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How to Calculate CFM of The Air Compressor?

One of the most important factors determining how powerful an air compressor is CFM that stands for cubic feet per minute. Unfortunately, the CFM rate is often exaggerated by the manufacturers to make more sales. Don’t get fooled by overrated air flow given by dishonest companies.Then how to know the actual CFM on an air […]

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How to Check Tire Pressure at a Gas Station?

Checking the tire pressure with a gauge rather than eyeballing it will give you a more accurate result. And it’s easy to know whether the tire is under-inflated or over-inflated using a little pressure gauge. But why to check the pressure in tires?This is because both overinflation and underinflation have negative consequences on your drive. […]

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How to Put Air in Tires Without a Gauge?

It’s crucial to put the recommended air in the tires because neither low pressure nor high pressure is good for the vehicles. While underinflation causes accidents and additional tear and wear, the over inflation, on the other side, leads to over bouncing and difficulties in controlling the cars. Having a tire pressure gauge in your […]

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