How To Use Paint Sprayer With Air Compressor

How to Use A Paint Sprayer  with Air Compressor? is it in you mind? Painting with a paint sprayer connected with an air compressor is more convenient than any other painting techniques. Not only does it save you money and time a lot, it ensures an even coating on the surface. Although it’s easy to use a spray gun, a small variation in setting and handling can ruin the outlook of the painted surface.

A better understanding about how to use a spray gun connected to an air compressor will help you achieve a quality painting with a flawless finish. A spray gun is as like as a magic tool. If you know how to use it properly, you can make your projects look magically great.

 Paint Sprayer With Air Compressor

Things to follow when use a spray gun with  air compressor

Here is how to step by step paint with a air compressor paint sprayer-

Safety Steps

When it comes to spray painting, safety should be your first and foremost priority. Since paint contains hazardous fumes and particles, you must protect your body, especially your sensitive organs like eyes, nose, and mouth. Before starting painting, don’t forget to put on safety glasses, mask, and hand gloves.

Prepare the paint and thinner

All you have to do first is to choose the right paint before starting the painting. Of all types, oil based paints are the most suitable for spraying because they are easy to thin though latex and acrylics are good options as well.

But the art of painting lies in mixing the right thinner with the paints. Thinning your paints properly will help spray out freely. Proper thinning is very important because too thick results in speck formation and too thin leads to dripping.

Prepare the painting area

The surface you are going to paint should be neat and clean. Remove the dirt, dust, and oil from the surface and make sure the surface is flat and dry by before you begin spraying.

Any metal rusts or flakes on the surface will ruin the outlook. Because they are usually invisible but after painting become visible. You can use wire brush to remove them.

Tape off the adjacent surfaces or area

Here is the complexity of using a spray gun. You have to cover the all area you don’t want to paint. This is because in paint spraying, the paint particles usually drift more than you expect. When you are painting your cars don't forget to tap off glasses and rubbers.

That’s why you need to tape off the adjacent surface with masking or painter’s tape and cover the area or stuff nearby with newspaper.

Turn the power button on of the compressor

As the paint along with thinner and painting area are ready, it’s time to switch the power button on of the compressor and let it build the pressure.

Then set the regulator to adjust specific PSI required by the paint sprayer for air compressor. To do this, rotate the knob clockwise to increase the pressure and anticlockwise to decrease. Follow the instructions given by the air tools manufacturers to adjust the pressure.

Attach the spray gun to the air hose

Now attach the sprayer to the air hose coupling and hook the tubes to the right ports. Make sure everything is attached tightly and the sprayer is plugged into the appropriate outlet.

Power on the spray gun and adjust the pressure

ow to use a paint sprayer

Since everything got settled, you are now allowed to turn the spray gun on. But don’t start painting on your project now! At this stage, you need to adjust the pressure level and test the flow rate of the gun.

Set the PSI to an appropriate pressure required for your job and check the paint flow on a piece of paper. And you should continue adjusting pressure and flow until you get the right.

Start painting

spray paint compressor

Setting and adjustment done. Right? Now it’s time to start painting. Hold the sprayer and keep the nozzle about 6-10 inches away from the surface you are painting. What is important when painting is the right movement of the spray gun.

You can move the gun in either side to side or up and down sweeping motion. Inappropriate movement of the gun may cause running or dripping. It’s easy to handle the gun with a smooth sweeping motion. But if you have not done this before, just practice for a moment then it gets easier for you too.

Truly speaking, although painting with a spray gun seems to be a little daunting, it’s a simple art. Most of works are here done by the gun and compressor. All that you need to do is to adjust the right pressure and paint flow, and have smooth sweeping motion of the gun. That’s all. Enjoy the art of painting.

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